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I am considering purchasing a western digital 1t external hard drive 3.0 usb; Although speed is important, reliability is number 1 by far. Are these 3.0 USBs from WD reliable?

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  1. how long have they been in circulation? how many people have had a chance to test it over an extended period (1-2yrs), probably not anyone as its a new device.

    i haven't found external units to be reliable. good for transportation of large amounts of data, not the greatest "backup" solution. describe what you'll be using the device for.
  2. HD is never reliable, you need relaibility go for external SSD, which is uber expensive ATM.

    So, just buy any external HD from a major brand, and hope it wont go bad soon!

    PS: Transcend 25M3 & Seagate Goflex Pro, both are excellent USB3 drives.
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