HDD detected by BIOS but cannot detect size. Did I lose everything?

I broke one of the cardinal rules of computing! I didn’t archive (enough)

To make a short story long..

My Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EADS 1TB failed. Windows doesn’t see it. BIOS detects it as a hard drive but cannot detect a size.

Drive spins up. Sounds OK. No horrific clicking or grinding.

Tried using an external USB enclosure with Ubuntu. Incorrectly identified the drive as Jmicron 2.2tb.

Wouldn’t let me do anything with it. Said couldn’t access disk.

Using the enclosure in Windows shows a USB mass storage device detected but I cannot access it. My computer/ Computer Management show nothing.

I fear the issue is mechanical but the drive wasn’t subjected to any trauma to my knowledge.

I throw myself at the feet of the computer Gods of Tom’s Hardware! Suggestions greatly appreciated.

ECS A780GM-A Ultra (V1.0) motherboard. Latest bios flashed.
Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EADS Hard Drive 1TB (problem drive)
Western Digital Caviar Green some other model number Hard Drive 1TB
Windows 7 / Ubuntu 10.10
AMD 2.6 Quad
Radeon HD 4850
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  1. I'd try taking it out of the enclosure and hooking it up directly using Ubuntu, just in case it's some kind of enclosure fault.
  2. I did. Appreciate the reply.
  3. Did it work? Or are you still looking for a solution?
  4. It didn't work unfortunately. Wonder how much those hard drive witch doctors would charge to recover 800gb. Yow!
  5. if you can get an identical drive swap the circuit board. it might let you recover your data.
  6. I understand that some people have had success by putting the hard drive in a freezer overnight and then connecting it to the computer and pulling the data off while it's still cold. If you try that then be prepared to get off the most critical data as fast as possible because there's no guarantee that it will work for very long.
  7. Lupine... That sounds pretty hardcore! I might try that as a last ditch effort.. or just let someone else do it for me haha.

    Sminlal.. I read something about that yesterday. I'll likely try that next.

    Greatly appreciate the replies, guys! Thanks! If anyone else has an idea I'm all eyes.

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