I7 930 oc 4.2GHz vs i7 980x stock speed

Am having a custom built PC from a company online I wanted to get the i7 980x but was told by the guy on the phone from the company batter going for a overclocked i7 930 at 4.2GHz on air cooling the cooler is Thermalright Venomous X which is meant to be one of the best out there. I mean can a i7 930 o.c to 4.2GHz really be good as a i7 980x at stock speed ? and the i7 930 stable at 4.2GHz how long will it last how many years ? I will be doing alot of video encoding playing games.
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  1. To answer your first question yes an overclocked i7 can in certain situations be as good as a i7 980x....The 980x is really only better then the 930 when you are doing intense multitasking or running a really heavily taxed server. For your basic needs like photoshop and gaming you are not going to notice any difference at all. Most games now a day only utilize 2 threads at most and the 930 has 8 lol so u will be fine.

    As far as the second question goes its depends on how well the company configures the build. From experience I feel as if 4.2 is pushing it for air cooling. I have a 950 oced to 4ghz on air with the TRUE and it gets pretty toasty. that being said as long as the cooler is able to keep the cpu as cool as the stock cooler at stock settings ur cpu will last for many years to come. Every 10c the cpu temps rises while under load your cpus life is cut in half.
  2. I'm curious as to where you got the 10C/half life from. I'm not doubting you, but I'd just be interested in seeing if someone did a test of it.
  3. Hmmm I've never heard of the 10C/half life thing like EXT said before. Still..... Even if the life is cut, it really will still last a while. I've heard many people say even an OC'd 930 to 4ghz can last at least 4 years. That's pretty much with all CPUs. The only thing to watch out for is power consumption in my opinion. I've seen many tests done. At 4ghz, the power usage from the 130w TDP goes to 340-400 something watts. At 4ghz the 930 really eats energy.
  4. Yep, I had power numbers for my OC somewhere, and while nowhere near that high (thanks in part to lower the voltage) it still wasn't a trivial increase. Nor was dropping the voltage on my 1055T from 1.45 to 1.25V a small decrease in power consumption (so moral is, get the voltage as low as is stable).
  5. I have to just add a comment about the difference.. I have been running an OC i7 930 @ around 4ghz+ for a while and yeh it was nice but that was with water cooling and keeping the temps low but on air cooling I was using the noctua and temps were a bit higher and it didnt impress me..

    The performance of the i7 930 @ 4ghz + was nice but...

    Now I have the i7 980X and there is a difference (in games as well might i add)... Im currently running it stock and it pretty much blows the i7 930 out of the water and the VTT is crazy goes down to as low as 0.95V @ 3.4Ghz, averages @ 1V.... lol ... OCing this baby will be SWEET!

    I intend to hit atleast 5Ghz with this puppy .... :pt1cable:

    Price wise yeh a difference, but in performance there is also as great a difference in my opinion...
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