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In my NZXT Tempest case, it has the wires for the power/reset/mic/headphone jacks that are ontop of the case... The speaker/mic wires have a very small end that plugs in somwhere on something that looks to be the size of a needle...

Where in the he** does this little thing go?
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  1. Look on your mobo manual...they are the front panel connectors. They usually go across the board from the pci slots.
  2. Thanks, I have a gigabyte ud3r mobo
  3. Have you opened your motherboard owners manual, or is it still nicely packaged in the box?
  4. I havent got my motherboard yet, it's on its way though :) I wasnt sure if it'd tell me where the case wire went, in the motherboard manual
  5. Lol....getting a little prematurely exited looking at that case?
    The mobo manual will explain it all, even show pictures.
  6. hell yeah I am! lol. I've already took the nzxt fans out and got it ready for my scythe fans when they get here this week!!

    This is almost like when my girl's in the mood for some lovin ;)
  7. Playing with front panel wiring is exciting, but you gotta calm yourself down or it'll be over in a few minutes =).

    u don't want to be a minute man...
  8. I know! I have to pace myself or I wont even make it last long enough to enjoy it! :(
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