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Raid 0 - possible to recover data?

kay so it looks like my mobo is dead, Im trying to replace it with the same model so I can attempt to salvage my data.

if that fails

is it at all possible to view or copy data off a raid 0 drive with another comp?
if I was dealing with a regular install I'd just slave it to another system and pull the data off before reformatting.

currently I have 2 machines one with win7 raid 0 which is currently dead
and another win xp with is running fine

is there any way I can pull my data off without sending the drives to a recovery company ?
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  1. If both drives are still working then I understand that Ubuntu contains drivers which recognize RAID organizations from most RAID controllers. You could try hooking both drives directly up to the system (configured as simple, non-RAID drives) and booting from an Ubuntu LiveCD to see if it recognizes the data. If so you should be able to copy it off to a third drive.
  2. You should be able to see the array on a new mobo, as long as it has the same raid chipset. I wouldn't count on booting from it, but salvage wise it should be possible.

    Sending it in will costs $100s or even 1000s of dollars.

    Dont use raid 0 without some form of backup in place if you have important data.
  3. I am wondering whether some data recovery tool will help in this case before you send the hard drive for special data recovery services. Like what is said, sending it for data recovery services will cost you a lot.
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    Before you even panic about data, you might consider confirming that your mobo is dead. Have you flashed the cmos? pulled the battery? I've been in a situation where I almost called asus but got my mobo working perfectly after flashing the cmos and discharging the capacitors.

    Also, if you are still in warranty than your mobo company will be obligated to send you the same model back-usually with an identical RAID chip.

    And like daship said, ALWAYS backup. I use RAID 5 but still keep a few externals for backup, and keep my most important data in at least three different places.
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