9500gt overclocking

i have palit 9500gt 1gb ddr2 and its a perfect card for overclocking and i tried ati tool and riva tuner 2.24 c+b

but all gives me a problem when get the core slider over 625mhz its fine and the windows runs great until i open a game it crashes and windows freeze i don't have power problem i have crosiar 500w psu

what is the solution ???
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  1. some body help please
  2. Wait is this your card?


    It does not even have active cooling ( a fan ) so it sure is not any "perfect card for overclocking" also it has a 450mhz core and you can get it to 625 before it crashes? That is one hell of an overclock......just how high do you think it should go? You are lucky it overclocks at all. Also Palit is not exactly the best manufacturer.
  3. ok a actually put a fan on it bought it and connected it to the power

    no man palit is not the best manufacture but i heard these cards can tweak baaaaaad

    and just want to know what is the problem its not overheating it's 40c in idle and 45c in gaming
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