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what are the quickest drives on the market today ? I got into U320's on the desktop about 5 years ago, and it is time to go again

Thanks in advance for any views

--- geoff.
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  1. A solid performing SDD should outstrip U320 I imagine. Sandforce controllers seem the par for performance in this sector. I got 2 Intel drives (80GB G2)in RAID0 and I'm quite happy, but their writing performance is not as good as a Sandforce offering, not that the writing workload is ever more than downloads or installing apps, 175MB/s should be more than enough. The newer C300 controller is good too. I guess it depends on your budget and how much performance you actually want.
  2. Budget is no constraint, and I was after "as fast as it will go", if you get me.

    Thanks for the replty.

    --- geoff.
  3. well a RAID0 of 2 Cruical C300 drives would be about as fast as you'd get without getting just stupid i think. 3 drives wont scale like 2 and you might even be hitting the bandwidth saturation on the bus with 3. I've heard theres a limit of about 667MB/s on a southbridge hdd controller??


    should show you roughly whats out there and how it performs as you'll see the 256G C300 kicks pretty hard. 2 in RAID0 would see you through for another 5yrs almost.

    were you using any third party RAID controllers?
  4. Great - thanks for the inputs.


    --- geoff.
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