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Hey guys I have been having this problem for awhile. I have a quad core Q6600 with a Asus P5n-d board. I have a Nvidia 9800 GTX card. I have 2 hard drives both with fresh installs 1 has xp pro 32 bit on it the other vista ultimate 64 bit. Both have the latest drivers for motherboard/video card. OK the problem is that with the xp pro 32 hard drive everything is great. however when I boot off of the other hard drive with vista 64bit I can't get a resolution bigger than 1024x768. I am using a 21" widescreen monitor with a naive resolution of 1680x1050. Everything works fine in xp but vista is not working. I had vista 64 up for awhile and everything was fine I formatted and reinstalled now I can't get it to work. Another funny thing is if I turn it on without any drivers the default plug and play drivers willl allow me to set the proper resolution. then as soon as I install the nvidia drivers it reverts back to the 1024x768 Please help me. THANKS
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  1. danm all these views and 0 replies thanks!
  2. well the only difference it looks like is between the 64 and 32 bit. Maybe its something with your monitor not liking it? i dont know.
  3. what monitor is it?
  4. shiftstealth said:
    what monitor is it?

    it's a viewsonic 21" I can't find any sort of driver that works. I have searched for hours on the viewsonic forums/website. The suggested drives do nothing when I try to install.
  5. The only problem i can think of is the GPU. Like, when I installed Vista, at first the resolution would lock at 1280x1024. After that i installed the graphics card drivers and i was able to set my native resolution. But, when I installed Windows 7, it automatically set it to native resolution (Vista-x86 , W7-x64) So, login to XP and completely uninstall your card drivers. Then reinstall.
  6. Well that's not exactly helpful is it. Try this;

    If you still have this issue try removing the graphics card (Not physically).

    Right Click "My computer"
    > Manage
    > Device Manager
    > Right click the gfx card
    > uninstall (but keep driver on system if you get the option)
    > Then "Scan for hardware changes".

    It should reinstall it again and give you a larger selection of resolutions to pick from.

    Hope that helps. fixed it for me.

  7. Go to Device Manager and open Monitors.

    Right click the one that is there and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

    Click on the Driver tab.

    Click on the Update Driver button.

    Click where it says Browse my computer for driver software.

    Ignore the top part, go down to Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

    Uncheck the Show compatible hardware box.

    In the left box, scroll down to ViewSonic and select it.

    In the right box, scroll until you find your monitor and select it.

    Click next and finish off, you may need to reboot.

    If it isn't there, go to

    and type in the model number of your monitor, then once you DL it do as above and use Have Disk on the Manufacturer/Model page.
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