I7 power consumption question

got a question.

was looking at a few charts about power consumption wile overclocking an i7 950 and one went like this

3.20=203.7w --- 13.9 jump
3.40=212.3w --- 8.6 jump
3.60=219.9w --- 7.6 jump
3.80=234.4w --- 14.5 jump
4.00=264.9w --- 30.5 jump
4.20=317.0w --- 52.1 jump

what happened in between 3.8 and 4.0 and again between 4.0 and 4.2 its like the consumption of watage goes crazy

and how accurate is this its hard to find many charts like this but i found the same kind of trend among other cpus
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  1. Probably where they had to increase voltage. That varies for every CPU, so the reason why you don't often see these charts is that they rarely would be accurate for your CPU.
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