Asus p6x58d-e & Noctua NH-U12p

Does the Noctua NH-U12p get in the way of the ram on this board? I have very tall dimms (g.skill pi) and was wondering if I would be able to point the cooler up (or to the side) and not have the ram get in the way.

Otherwise I'll probably get the significantly smaller Noctua NH-U9B (does this fit?). I'm also open to suggestions for other cooler which will work in this situation.
No watercooling for now, thx :)
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  1. Okay, since no one seems to know.. are there any coolers that are known to fit in this config that you can reccomend?
  2. davcon said:

    do you know how many mm wide is the max that will work?
  3. All you have to know is the width of the cooler.
    Then measure from the centre of your cpu socket to your first dimm.
    So if that measurement is 60mm then you could use a 120mm wide cooler.
    And if you don't use the first dimm even better because you could use a wider cooler.
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