PCI-E connector wires break loose....twice?

(For all the jumpy types, I did everything in the sticky that was related to my issue.)

So I basically wired my computer and went to turn it on. When it turned on the power light came off for an instant then a spark was heard and the power turned off on the computer. At this point I was worried I had blown the motherboard or something but after examining everything there seemed to be nothing wrong with any hardware sources. However, when I pulled out one of the PCI-E connectors I noticed two of the wires culminating at the connector were open and no longer attached to the solder site.

After this I did some isolation and determined the power supply was still working and powering everything in the motherboard that I could visually assess. I then replaced the messed up PCI-E connector with a different one and tested the graphics card. At first glance the VGA fan seemed to be running fine and there weren't any visible problems once again. I proceeded to call Corsair and set up a replacement for the power supply because of the messed up connector, and I was told my problem was worthy of warranty.

However, this morning I was connecting and reconnecting everything once again to check for flaws when I pulled out the replacement PCI-E connector from the VGA only to find this one had done the same thing! Wire had appeared to break right off from the solder site with no signs of burning or wire failure. The only thing that looked weird were some small notches in the wire covering, but the wires were still cut straight across just like pre-soldered wire would appear.

Basically, I'm pretty confused right now as to what would be causing this. The fact the wires came loose twice makes me really wonder if it is a solder issue. Could the motherboard or VGA be causing this to happen even though everything appears visually fine with them?

Not really sure what I should do, other than try and collect a replacement for the power supply, but if its not the real root of the problem, it may not help me to get a new power supply.

Thanks in advance, especially if you read through all this.
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  1. Where does it meltdown? At the PSU end or at the video card end? If the solder melts down when attached to the video card, than you should get a replacement video card or a more powerful PSU. What video card and what PSU do you have?
  2. It came off at the video card end. Also, I can't even tell if there was solder there to begin with because the site in the connector looks completely clean/unchanged. I really doubt melting is involved since I saw no visible signs of it and the wires themselves were clean. I'm beginning to think that the first time it sparked was because the two wires broke loose and touched causing the power to cut, but I really don't know.

    My PSU is definitely up to par assuming it was in proper condition - Corsair 750W(TX). VGA - Sapphire ATI Radeon 4890.

    Also, the fact that the card's fan runs doesn't necessarily mean the VGA is fine right?
  3. Quote:
    Also, the fact that the card's fan runs doesn't necessarily mean the VGA is fine right?
    You are correct. To be honest I just can't believe that two PSUs would have exactly the same issue.
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