Athlon 64 X2 4400+

Got a supa-budget rig.

Athlon 64 X2 4400+ @2.3 Ghz
4 Gb Dual-Channel OCZ Reaper @ 800 Mhz RAM
2 Gb Dual-Channel Samsung Value @800 Mhz RAM
JETWAY MA3 79-GDGD-LF Motherboard
OCZ Fatal1ty 550w Modular PSU
320 Gb Toshiba 2.5 HDD
320 Gb Hitachi 3.5 HDD
2x 40 Gb IDE HDD's
Lite-On LightScribe DVD Burner Combo Drive
Rosewill CHALLENGER Case

Total cost comes to somewhere around like $450, anyways, this proc is old and still runnin' hard. I want to get to at least 3.0 and I have an aftermarket cooler, but this mof* just ain't listening to me.

Changed the multi to 10, tried 300 and that didn't work.
Changed the multi to 11.5, tried 261 and that didn't work.
Changed the multi to 14, tried 220 and that didn't work.

No matter what I do, the darn thing just doesn't boot. I get power on of course, fans, drives, everything. But, of course, no post, just a black screen.

I know this is outdated tech by far; I'm just not made of money and a lot of these parts are just salvaged parts from old computers. Thanks for at least reading, lol.

Btw, as an add, I always overclock the GT 220 to max, and there is no stability issues, so it's not that.
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  1. Try slowly raising things and see what happens and did you lower the memory multiplier?
  2. I'd start by removing that Samsung Value RAM, memory can only run as fast as the slowest stick, and these may not be OverClockable.
    The Reapers I'm currently running need higher than default voltage to reach their full potential. Yours should be labeled as to what voltage they are rated to run at.

    *Depending on what OS your using 6G of memory may not be needed anyway.
  3. Quote:
    The ram does not have to be overclockable to overclock your cpu.

    Overclocking ram doesn't give any better performance anyways.

    @True. Ram does not have to be OC'able. But it does help with stability, as your processing more bit-streams through it faster. (RAS: Row Address Strobe)

    I might add, I'm surprised that it even Boots with those 2 different Brands running side-by-side.

    @Can't call that true or false, as it is a bit of a misnomer. It will show in Bench Tests (not in most real world apps.). And it will not show up as more FPS on the top-end of gameplay, but it will show up on the low-end where it counts the most if your at or just below playable frame-rates (but it has to be on the edge, which doesn't happen very often)
  4. Yeah, of course it would boot. They have the same timings and same voltage, I have both at 5-5-5-18 and 2.0 v flat. It's definitely not the RAM. And yes, I'm using all 6 gbs in Win7 64-bit. They're both at 800 and POST with the rest of the system just fine. I keep raising vcore a bit, from 1.35 to 1.4 and I can't raise the multi so I change the reference, but it just won't POST! Is it possible that I may just not be able to overclock it on this board because it's AM2?
  5. Ah, forget it. Got a Regor 240.
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