Restore search items in toolbar in Firefox

I was on my sister's computer and accidentally cleared her history from Google Mozilla FireFox 5 Home Page.

I didn’t know that she doesn’t use Bookmarks so now she can’t type in years of info that used to come up automatically in the Browser Window and drop down to choose it.

We tried to System Restore back a few days but that didn’t work either.

She no longer has the ability to use the Back Button either.

Can I do anything to get her back to her original settings????

Sick about it,
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  1. With cache deleted, there is nothing you can do, there is an app. called Pandora Recovery, and many other Undelete and Unformat applications but chances are slim. You are looking to restore the folder where FireFox kept the cache files, whatever path that maybe.
  2. Years of info in browser cache, not recommended, if you do restore or start from scratch, teach her how to use bookmarks and how to manage bookmarks.
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