RPM's not showing on Aerocool Touch 2000 display???

Heys guys got just got my dream system from cyberpowerpc & had a aerocool touch 2000 put in to monitor my temps & fans. But on digital display, fan 3 & fan 4 is showing the temps "BUT NOT" the rpm's??? I have tried everything & i cannot get the rpm's to show at all, fan 1 & fan 2 work fine, any hints or tips???
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  1. Damn, 38 views & not 1 person comments??? Come on guys, i know some of you have got to be running this fancontroller in your system...........
  2. Still nothing??? Come on guys................
  3. I dont know anybody who has this system, can you email aerocool for support?
  4. This is a very popular fan control amongst many gamers & overclockers, dont know why anyone hasn't posted any replies besides yourself???
  5. It is? I wasn't aware. Most people that OC and build their own PC's know what they are doing and understand they don't need something pretty to accomplish what they want. Perhaps a little common courtesy and some patience would benefit you a little more; demanding that someone answer you before you Google and post any findings or calling the system builder you bought it from is somewhat bush-league. Help yourself before you demand help from others.
  6. Demand someone answer me??? Hey bro i never "demanded" anything, i simply asked for help, isn't that what sites like this are for, correct me if i'm wrong, but thats what i always thought. And as far as "googling it" don't you think i already tried that? Thus couldn't find any substantial answers (believe it or not) and THATS what brought me to post on tomshardware concerning this, not to be "HARASSED".
  7. He is'nt harassing you. Chances are since nobody has replied to this topic with any information regarding in 3 weeks there is nobody on here with that device. Your best bet would to be to contact the maker for support as they know more about the product than any of us. Alternativly you could check your instruction manual if it came with one.

    Have you tried moving fans 1&2 to 3&4 and switching 3&4 to 1&2. Then checking if anything on the display changes? like slots 3&4 now showing RPM's. If it doesnt show the RPM's then it may be a setting on the device. After the swap if 1&2 show the RPM's than you know the RPM sensor is functioning.

    If you cant figure it out you can also contact Cyberpower.

    (Most of us overclockers and gamers dont use devices like that to monitor temps and fan speeds, we either use SpeedFan, CoreTemp, GPU-Z, Rivatuner, motherboard specific overclocking/ fan speed control software (which you motherboard probably has). I occasionally use Everest, but I never monitor my fan speeds and temperature zones as once I hit my stable overclock and did stress testing to monitor temps I know that I am all set.
  8. ^Agreed. I was in no way harassing you, but if you look back at your 'demands' that someone reply to your posting of

    Damn, 38 views & not 1 person comments??? Come on guys, i know some of you have got to be running this fancontroller in your system...........

    Still nothing??? Come on guys................

    You appear to not have any patience or courtesy...it's very likely that the people reading your post had no experience with your fan controller. And yes, like Sniper mentioned, most of us that build and mod our own gear don't use anything like that front panel; we either use simple fan controllers or set them up wired to run 100%.

    Also, like Sniper mentioned, did you do any troubleshooting other than just pushing buttons? There might be an issue with the fans not able to report back RPM or an issue with the panel. If you don't get help, try Cyberpower's support: you bought it from them, they might have a clue.
  9. Lawllll ^

    Yeah... Why don't you just call support. Not to mention, why get a complicated fan controller on your custom (company) build. You should have built it yourself, trouble shooting would've been so much easier. Such as just simply return it. Also, simple fan controllers are enough, many OCers and case modders just use the Sunbeam rheobus or the Zalman fan controllers. Since you don't have to put all these nodes into the comp and it just causes more clutter. That's why. Plus the controller takes up space, like valuble 5" slot space that could be used for CD/DVD drives or SD card reader type things. I believe it takes up 3 slots.
  10. Got the same unit and the same problem except ONLY fan 1 is controllable.....the others just flash "0000". I think it looks great and I love the idea of being able to monitor temperatures from a dedicated display rather than having to overlay big ugly numbers over the top of the game I'm running. Not to mention having to start another program to run in the background while I play.

    P.S.- So called "overclockers" IMHO are just people who A. Don't have the money to upgrade their machine so instead they push the equipment that they HAVE to keep it up to speed with the newest games and/or B. Just like tinkering with their machine.
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