How does a SSD help gaming?

I've noticed a lot of posters saying that a SSD is one of the best items to upgrade for performance boost, but they seem to be speaking in general use terms, not related to gaming. My question is, can a SSD help gaming performance at all and how would it do so? Shorter load screens cus of quicker hd access? I just don't see how shelling out for a SSD can net me any extra performance in games, but maybe I'm wrong.
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  1. an ssd won't help general gaming performance, only load times
  2. Most games read almost everything they need into RAM when they're first loaded, so once the game is up and running an SSD won't really help.

    However I've heard that some online multiplayer games sometimes have to load textures and objects from disk at unpredictable times due to the actions of other players. Those kinds of games may benefit from an SSD because it's so much faster to access and read the necessary data.
  3. an SSD won't increase fps, but if you play multiplayer, the much faster load times will allow you to spawn and get to your camp spot or choke spot quicker then anyone else and give you an advantage for your score...thats the only thing I can think of.
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    +1 for above posts. An SSD will only improve the gaming experience in cases where the data needs to be loaded from the drive. For example when starting a new level,etc. In short, and SSD will NOT improve your frame rates.
  5. Thanks. That's what I thought. I don't know why so many are suggesting on the home build forum to upgrade your hard drive first...
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  7. Load times FTW.
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