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Swiftech h20-220 apex ultima xt help

Last response: in Overclocking
September 14, 2010 10:30:42 PM

i bought a swiftech h20-220 apex ultima xt kit over at,and its going to arrive soon.but the micro rev.2 reservoir comes with a PLASTIC 1/2'' barb,which isnt what i want to have,as i heard about it breaking alot when torqued/more or less by itself or even when putting some tridon metal hose clamps on it.
i'm not sure what barb fittings i can get for the reservoir (BSPP or G 1/4 or NPT).this is my first water cooling setup.
i have thoughts about getting primo chill's ghost fittings (non-plastic,chrome plated copper version) because that comes with G 1/4 thread.or parker's compression fittings NPT thread. i can ONLY shop from and they DONT HAVE BITSPOWER,so please don't even recommend something that i'm not able to buy.and i cant buy from anywhere else.
i am here from because i did not get a direct answer that is actually compatible for me

guys,if i had a debit card i can use,i really WOULD get bitspower,but i just cant as i dont have a card to swipe around,i can buy because of gift cards,and i dont have a car to drive around in,so amazon's only option.i really want to buy the parts today.please help me with amazon

selection for replacement barbs
a c 328 K Overclocking
September 15, 2010 2:56:23 PM

Seriously, how much torque are these people applying? It's an acrylic res and nylon some point YES, it will break. These come with O-rings, so consider that when clamping down with an air-ratchet.