Swiftech h20-220 apex ultima xt help

i bought a swiftech h20-220 apex ultima xt kit over at amazon.com,and its going to arrive soon.but the micro rev.2 reservoir comes with a PLASTIC 1/2'' barb,which isnt what i want to have,as i heard about it breaking alot when torqued/more or less by itself or even when putting some tridon metal hose clamps on it.
i'm not sure what barb fittings i can get for the reservoir (BSPP or G 1/4 or NPT).this is my first water cooling setup.
i have thoughts about getting primo chill's ghost fittings (non-plastic,chrome plated copper version) because that comes with G 1/4 thread.or parker's compression fittings NPT thread. i can ONLY shop from amazon.com and they DONT HAVE BITSPOWER,so please don't even recommend something that i'm not able to buy.and i cant buy from anywhere else.
i am here from overclock.net because i did not get a direct answer that is actually compatible for me

guys,if i had a debit card i can use,i really WOULD get bitspower,but i just cant as i dont have a card to swipe around,i can buy because of gift cards,and i dont have a car to drive around in,so amazon's only option.i really want to buy the parts today.please help me with amazon

selection for replacement barbs






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  1. heard not so great things about the ghost fittings but the ones that you selected on amazon appear to be metal..

    here's the thread on plastic ghost fittings being bad: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=254410

    if amazon is your ONLY option, i would just get those that you selected..
  2. Seriously, how much torque are these people applying? It's an acrylic res and nylon barb...at some point YES, it will break. These come with O-rings, so consider that when clamping down with an air-ratchet.
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