CPU/GPU combination, consultation

which way should i go
4870 512mb and x2 5000+
4850 512mb and phenom2 x3 720

and yes maybe i prefer to unlock the 4th core, eventhough unstable in prime95.. or maybe change to 9850..

thanks guys..
plz no nvidia, i hate those switch review and other cheap tricks..(no to 260)
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  1. ? The GTX260 is a great GPU. Do you mean the GTS250 rebranding?

    Anyways, get the 5000+ with the 4870
  2. hey man thanks.. it was so confusing for me (i feel being tricked) when i read the facts of nvidia rebranding (who knows it is true or not) Rebranded Geforce 9800GTX=GTS 250..
    GTX 260 price is almost same with 4870 in here in japan..
    and thanks so much for your quick answer..
    (addition: look like there isn`t any discount for 4870, despite the news of ATI.. in my calculation, it will take about 1 month, if third vendor agree of course)
  3. Well I would go wit the 2nd option of X3 720 (and not 9850)...
    Its far more efficient than the 9850 and is a close competitor...

    Why would u want to buy an old 5000+ anyway...
    Mayb if u want to go wit the 4870, I would suggest u get the AMD 7750+ instead of the 5000+...Its far better and overclocks well...It is also a sub $70 CPU...
  4. x3 (eventhough through unlocker) still count as defect in my opinion (9850 itself is true 4core with quality control) but thats my opinion (sorry, you can said, i am afraid of taking risk)

    because i count price of diff between 4850 and 4870 to cpu (same like going for cpu or gpu?) and of course the best answer is both in top (CPU and GPU)

    7750 itself is not mature in my opinion (maybe if i can spare more i will go to 6000+ (not seller for 6400+ here)) (clock count but of course that is another seller technique that cannot be proven)

    anyway thank you gkay09 for all info (yeah not so much money to burn here)
  5. edit i found 7750 is faster than 6000, i was tricked by clock advertisement. sorry gkay09 for my lack of knowledge
  6. Well yes we wouldnt want to take risk...but why would u want to invest in old hardware...the new Phenom II X3 is showning a lot of promise...u can google around the net to find more about its performance...

    And I feel u can just call it defective (true the 4th core might be defective) but still with just 3 cores, its performance is comparable with the 9850 and is very efficient than the 9850...

    But finally its upto u...but before buying do check all reviews abt the X3 and the 7750...mayb it might change ur mind...
  7. np216 said:
    edit i found 7750 is faster than 6000, i was tricked by clock advertisement. sorry gkay09 for my lack of knowledge

    Well its not necessary everyone shuld know everything :P

    As I said the 7750 is a very gud processor and so is the X3720...
  8. no problem man, of course i want to top all (cpu and gpu) but if i see the history of falling price of computer like a sharp graph...
    before i want to build new rig like x3 710 (or 720) with 4850 (because 4870 is 25% fast but 50% cost more, we`re talking 100 bucks here, not just %, and still no cut here)

    maybe i go to 8450 (lowest 3core i can afford) of course with 4870 :D
    doing games a lot, and lot of scanning, thats why i just check antivirus part in cpu review.. (free download and scan.. you know what i mean)

    thanks so much for the info gkay09
  9. thanks so much guys, i have to go, i should back around several days.
    you all are good advisor
  10. wich ever video card you choose you should get the 1Gb version, sometimes only for a few $$ more, in some case $20 difference between 512 and 1024 Mb.
  11. buy the 7750 BE instead of the 8450 lol, its way more eficient. By my views the 7750BE is curently AMDs best dual-core CPU, untill they release the Phenom x2s.
    I wouldnt buy an old Phenom 1 CPU with all the revisons and stuff they have been through. Phenom II is another story.

    Get 7750 BE + 4870 512 or 1G if u use a large screen, and later, in a few months or so...when u got the cash, sell the 7750 or whatever and get a better CPU like a 720x3 or even a quad.
    think ahead, dont try to get all at same time.
  12. thanks all for your support guys
    i already decided today and even there is some weird carnival, a cos play in the street, worth enough for me as a foreigner here :D
    i buy 4870 with 9950 (yep crazy)
    coz the 9950 was packed with 2 gig (1 times 2) memory (from CFD ddr 800, who care.. last time i get corsair the best of best in that time but nothing diff was noticeable) so basically it got discount about $30 i think (3000yen)
    i was confused i buy ta780g m2+.. i hope this 9950 fit in.. (website say max 9850?) :D
    i order lg 227wtg too... its worth research about 4 hour, about lcd tech from TN to other technical bla bla... :D
    oh for you guys who wanted new lcd, check this out..
    just search (ctrl-f) for this one, of course without quote "office work (w"
    believe me, i read all article that and link, and this is the easiest way..
    :D thanks ciuy and nocteratus..

    for nocteratus i take 512mb, its already take a lot of time from 4850 to 4870, and not going to 1gb, or even the 896mb..(gtx260)

    thanks guys...
    i switch to 650 from 550 in my plan (due to 9950 and 4870)
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