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I have a problem.(Surprise!) Many programs such as Google Chrome, AVG, and Microsoft Safety Scanner to name a few have started, uh, "not working." They open, I see them in the taskbar, their process is running in Task Manager, but I cant actually go in to them. AVG for example. When I hover on its icon I can see what it is doing, but when I hover on the little screen that shows it instead of actually showing me what its doing I get a view of my desktop.

This may be (read: almost definetly) linked to this new game a friend had me install. "Soldier Front." I tried going in but it got stuck so I ctrl+alt+deleted out and then this happens.

Any ideas?
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  1. Can u go back in time, say ,hate before the installation of the game? System restore could do it. I guess u don't have another back up done, right?

    Also I would deep scan for viruses, if u can't do it with LiveCD or maybe re-install?

    BTW, can u install new programs?
  2. Funny story: I closed my laptop (hibernation) and went to bed. The next day I uninstall Google Chrome and the game, notice that AVG is working again, and reinstall Chrome. It works now, so I guess never mind.

    Also, I'm hyper paranoid about viruses and stuff (thanks hollywood). I havn't been on even a slightly shady website or downloaded anything odd. As well as running every kind of scan I care to once a week, so I kind of freaked out when this happened.
  3. Good for u :)
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