What is the most RELIABLE SSD for around $200


Does anyone know what is the most reliable SSD, preferably more than 60GB, for around $200? (after rebates is OK)

I keep on reading bad stories about OCZ so I'll probably cross them out the list.

I want it to last a few years. I don't care about top-top speeds since from what I understood even the cheapest SSD's beat any 7200 drive in ACCESS time.

Generally how are Kingstons? I remember back in 2004 they were the top RAM manufacturer. Not sure how it applies to SSDs now.

Appreciate any advise. Thank you.
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  1. intel 80gb on sale at new egg! $199.99 +ship.
  2. Intel so far is probably the most "reliable" manufacturer, but it looks like OCZ Vertex 2/Agility 2 as well as now Corsair Force series and Mushkin Callisto Deluxe which are all using Sandforce controller will be pretty good, and their 60GB offerings are at a very tempting price. I just picked up an Intel X25 M 80gb and it's pretty good.
  3. There are newer drives that perform better, but in terms of track record the Intel drives seem to stand out - both because there's been no pattern of problems with them and because they've been around for quite a while.
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