Silverstone Raven case and h50 questions.

I'm currently running an i7 930 @ 4.0ghz, with a Tunic Tower 120 extreme. But the temps are scary, 56c.. Idle. I'm came to a point wonder if my case is the problem for this. I'm currently running all my hardware in a CM Storm Sniper, until the Raven comes in. Should I also replace the cooler?

I've been thinking about getting the H50 for the Raven, but since theres only one exhaust fan to mount the radiator too, wouldn't that hurt all the other hardwares temps by blocking the release of hot air out of my case?

link to the Raven case -

If you think the H50 with this case is a bad idea, please give me some more suggestions on coolers, because this thing is running WAY to hot.

PC specs for whoever needs them.

I7 930
Tunic Tower Extreme CPU cooler.
ATI 5870 no OC
P6X58D - E motherboard
1TB barracuda HDD
Corsair TX650, 650 watt PSU
6GB XMS3 memory.

Thanks, guys.
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  1. The tower 120 is a good cooler (most likely better than the H50) and I don't think anything is going to be more than 2-5C cooler except proper water cooling. Whats you room temp and what temps do you get without the overclock? If you stock temps are high and the room temp isn't I suggest reinstalling the cooler. Also is your case airflow OK?
  2. I agree the Tuniq is one of the better coolers out there.
    Try backing off your cpu vcore settings .5v and see if you still run stable on your o'c.
    This will lower your cpu temps.
  3. You definitely have an issue. The stats for my i7-920 at 3.8Ghz and 25c ambient are 30c idle and 51c at full load. I have a Thermaright ultra 120 chiller with a Cooler Master Storm Scout case. Since you have a better heatsink and an upgraded case your temps should be lower than mine.

    It is probably not the case - Cooler Master cases are designed for good airflow. Is the fan on the heat sink pushing air through the fins, and is it pointed to the exhaust fan out the back or the top? A burning stick of incense will help show where your airflow is headed.

    To prove it is not a case problem, remove the sides, get a cheap box fan or room fan running on high and take temps that way. It should not change more than a couple of degrees.

    Any issues with your thermal paste at installation? Did you use a razor blade to check for flatness on the CPU and heatsink base? Have you reinstalled the the unit and gotten the same temps?

    There are lots more numbers you could provide that would help. What is your thermostat set to? Is your office blazing hot? What are the temps at stock settings? AT you OC settings what are your voltages? If you want to really do it right, install CPUID and RealTemp, then post some pics of the results.
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