No boot-up with 4x1 GB on P5B Deluxe Help Needed

Hi. I have a P5B Deluxe board that I assembled into a PC two years ago. I had 2x1 GB or Corsair DDR2-800C4 and it worked just fine.

I just bought another twin pair of Corsair DDR2-800C4 but the PC doesn't boot up. It either remains black with no activity, or a splash Azuz image shows up but freezed. I managed to make it work with 3 sticks but not with the four.

Sometimes it tells me during start up that my "overclocking sets are wrong" or something like that and it doesn't go past that. I did have two profiles saved on my board, one of them an overclock profile. I now have the bios set for depault and I have updated the BIOS because I read that some memmory problems had been solved with the latest versions.

Maybe there is a problem with my saved profiles? I have now both saved with default settings because I cannot erase the profiles. Do I need to clear the CMOS or something like that?

Any help would be extremely welcome.
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  1. I would try:

    1: clearing the cmos

    2: update the bios

    3: test each stick of ram individually in memtest...

    other than that you might have a problem with your memory controller
  2. Check your memory specs because it is likely to be a voltage issue.
    If it is this stuff for example:
    you will need to manually set the vdimm to 2.1v to get all four sticks to work.
    ... so put 2 sticks in, set the voltage, then put the next 2 in...
  3. fpsdominator:

    I already had updated the Bios and the mem modules and slots are fine.


    I'll try that.
  4. Didn't work. Remains dead...
  5. The other thing to try is upping the voltage on the northbridge. This is normally called NB voltage on Asus boards. Not sure what the default voltage is for a 965 chipset - think its around 1.25v, but try upping this in increments up to about 1.35v and see if you have any joy. Keep the ram volts at 2.1v.
  6. OK, I'll try that later. I will also retry checking both mem sticks again just in case I made a mistake while trying both before.

    Thank you.
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