Is this CPU compatible with my system?

This is the first time I have considered replacing a cpu, so I am not really sure what to look for compatibility-wise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my system:

Gateway dx4200-09

OS: Vista home premium (64 bit)
Mobo: Systemboard with AMD 780G Chipset
PSU: BFG 550W with quad +12v rails (20A each).
CPU:AMD Phenom X4 9100e (1.8Ghz)
RAM:4096MB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM (2-2048MB modules)
HD: 640GB 7200rpm Serial ATA II/300
GPU: Diamond Radeon hd4770

The CPU I am looking at right now is the phenom 2 3.0Ghz quad-core:

Will this be compatible with my system? And, if it is, will it be severely bottlenecked by the mobo?

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  1. You'll have to contact gateway for the answer. Your board might post with an "unknown cpu". Many oem setups don't have any bios updates for newer cpus. It's time consuming for the manufacturer's to change the bios, and they would rather you buy a new system than upgrade. If your gateway has a windows version that requires a genuine gateway bios to work, you may have to format and use a dell windows dvd to reinstall windows with a board changeout. I don't know if dell makes a 64 dvd for sale. They're only $16 at a few venders, but I haven't seen a 64 dvd yet. All are 32 versions.
  2. I followed your advice to contact gateway and I got this reply:

    "Sorry to inform you that Gateway always recommends the same
    specifications, as it was, when the computer left the factory.If you
    want to change the specifications according to Gateway's Standards, you
    can go ahead and do it. However, if anything happens causing any
    damage to Gateway's product while doing, we will not be responsible for
    the damage."

    So, basically, "we dont wanna tell you what CPUs are compatible". Is that ridiculous or what?
  3. Understand that you bought an OEM system, of course they won't/can't tell you if it works because they don't want to (because of warranty issues) or can't (lack of knowledge on CPU compatibility).
  4. There is also a good chance your motherboard only supports 95W processors, as many of the early 780G motherboards were only designed to handle that and could not handle using the high end 125W processors.

    You just came across one of the many reasons a lot of people prefer building their own computer.
  5. Yep. Definitely. Thanks for the help guys.

    The PC is not too bad as it is right now. On the vista performance rating it gets 5.9s across the board. So I think it will be good enough for maybe 2 years or so. After that I am pretty convinced that i'll build my own though.

    Thanks for the help again :D
  6. I was looking at my PC on newegg, and noticed a review that reads:

    "This system for me is no longer as I turned it into a project PC, first switching out the 1.8ghz Phenom for a 3.0ghz Phenom II socket AM2+, then i added 2 extra drives(500g 7200 SATA, and a WD Raptor 300g). After that I put in a 750w power supply. Following all this i replaced the motherboard for a Crossfire capable board and added a 2nd 1gig 4670. My final upgrade will be changing the ram to 8g 1033mhz ram."

    The only 3.0 Ghz phenom with an AM2+ socket I could find was this:

    but it looks like it is a 125W, so maybe 125W does work on this mobo?

    Here is the link to the computer on newegg:
  7. Sorry but i don't really trust newegg reviews ;). Looks like your motherboard is a 780G chipset based AM2+ board. Most likely it'll work, but I guess you'll just have to find out.
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