AMD phenom x4 965 BE

So recently i have been playing around with some Over clocking with this new processor.
I have not crashed yet at all and currently have my multiplier at x19.5 which is 3900 mhz, with a core voltage of 1.440 . I am just wondering if i make the jump to x20 should i start messing with my ram speeds? As of now my fsb is running at 200 and i have had zero problems so far. Temps are solid, i idle at around 37c . I am new to this but have followed the AMD overclocking guide here pretty closely and have mirrored the voltage specs pretty closely, which is why i believe i have had such great outcomes thus far. Any suggestions would be paramount. My mobo only supports ddr2 , i have the msi 785GT-E63. again ty very much for the opportunity to ask these questions on what seems to be a very helpful community. :kaola:
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  1. A little update about current progress. I was able to set the multiplier to x20 in the bios but when i boot my computer up CPU-Z is stating that i am only at a multiplyer of x19.5. Is there any reason why CPU-Z would not be picking up the new OC that i did in my bios? Just a little confused! Any feedback would help me greatly at this point!
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    If you not changing the FSB then leave the RAM at stock settings as the multiplier is totally unrelated to it.
  3. CPU-z is normally accurate what does windows say the CPU is running at?
  4. There is my CPU-Z validation, any pointers would be helpful, the weakest part of my system seems to be my ram, as it is the only stock piece left in my system. I was thinking of getting 6 gigs of this
  5. Okay really weird, sooo i just went back into my bios and it shows that i am at x20 multiplier. And when i saved and restarted CPU-Z for a few seconds was reading at 4000.2 MHz then drops back down to 3900. Here is a picture of my bios to even prove that to myself and you all that i am not on crack! Poopy cell phone picture, it is what it is.
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  7. so basically i have done some more snooping around.... I am seriously at a loss as to what is going on... CPU-Z and Core Temp 0.99.7 are both showing my cores coming in at 3900MHz with a multiplier at x19.5.... (core temp)

    On the other hand multiple other sources are saying other wise , the FF14 benchmark shows 4.0ghz, my system info comes in at 4.0, and EVEN my BIOS is showing i am running a x20 multiplier and running at 4000MHz.... (sys. info) (ff14 bench) (BIOS)
  8. RAM speed makes very little difference in real life only in benchmarks unless you only have 2Gb or less and a 64 bit OS the upgrade is not worth it. Not sure about the multiplier changing, have you disabled cool and quiet?
  9. Sorry typing at the same time as you I can see you have 5Gb RAM and a 64Bit OS so the memory is not worth getting. No idea on the multiplier changing though.
  10. Yeah i have disabled cool and quiet. Ugh this is so weird. So you don't recommend any aftermarket memory sticks? Should i just keep all my stats the way they are now ? From what you can see with my validation link , is everything in order OC wise?
  11. According to your bios your RAM is already at 800MHz so the upgrade would not even be an upgrade, everything else looks fine. 2 x 2Gb RAM in dual channel may be better than the selection of sticks you have I am not sure, but am sure its not worth the money.
  12. As for my OC work so far anything i should tweak? This is kinda my first time doing this.
  13. Not that I can think, I assume by the 460 you are gaming so 4GHz is easily more than you need. Have you run prime 95 or similar to check stability and what full load temps are?
  14. Not yet , where do i get prime 95?
  15. Hi man.

    1- 6GB RAM only can run in single channel so in that way u will lose performance.
    2- 1.440V is a little high IMO for the 965 @3.9 i set the same voltage for run my old 955 C2 try with less voltage for better OC.
    3- U also need disable C1E in the BIOS.
    4- Run dxdiag and let me know that CPU speed report that.
    5- Downgrade the RAM speed to 533 and rise the FBS to 210.
  16. Hey saint! Thanks for dropping by man!
    Well that voltage is supposed to be for 4.0, for some reason CPU-z is not reflecting what is set up in my bios. Do you have any idea why everything but CPU-z is reporting i am running at 4.0 ? My bios, system info and even the ff14 benchmark are showing that i am at 4.0, i am just so confused as to why?
    Is dxdiag short for direct x diagnostic tool ?
  17. Yeah is the direct x diagnostic tool but also show the full system info.

    Don't exist and specific voltage since all the hardware are different but start with 3.8GHz at stock speed and use LinX (1 hour), OCCT (3 hours) or prime95 (2 hours) for test the stability of the rig.
  18. Okay well i did everything you said, C1E was already disabled when i checked.

    I ran Dxdiag before i made the changes in the bios and it showed i was running at 4.0.

    I adjusted the ram down to 533 but the FSB stayed at 200, i was only able to get the ram to 533 with the ratio of 1:1.33, like i said the fsb stayed at 200 in order to get this speed.

    When i raised the FSB to 210 cpu speed moves up to 4200 and the ram goes to 558, which should i stick with ?

    My cpu-z is now showing me running at a constant 4000 give or take a few decimals at the end. Here is my new validation link.

    Although i noticed something a bit weird , with these new setting my core voltage dropped to around 1.360 down from what i previously had it at 1.48, is this due to the new settings?
  19. Download Everest is a little better to know the OC settings that u have.

    Test the stability of the rig with those settings and let me know how this works.
  20. "use LinX (1 hour), OCCT (3 hours) or prime95 (2 hours)"

    These are all stress tests correct? I have prime96, where do i get the other 2 ?

    Everest is like CPU-Z?
  21. 1- Yeah all those are stress test and my bad isn't primer96 is prime95 as simon12 says.
    2- OCCT download and LinX download
    3- Yeah but everest also give u the temps, voltage, fan speed, OC% and all the info of ur rig even also have some benchmark test.
  22. I just got a random blue screen just surfing, i am thinking i should up the voltage ?
    Is there a reason why it changed on its own?
  23. Rise the CPU voltage to 1.38V or 1.4V and set the RAM voltage to 1.8V. Test the rig again an here u need a lot of patience since the OC is test and fail.
  24. could the memory voltage be called "memory VDDQ" ? i am using amd overdrive to calibrate my voltage both for cpu and memory. My bios version doesn't allow for 64 bit windows 7 to calibrate in the bios manually, tis the reason i am using amd overdrive, it is working fine thus far. In overdrive the only voltage slider for memory is called "memory VDDQ" just wanna know if that is the correct selection for messing with RAM voltage.
  25. No, the RAM voltage is called DRAM voltage.
  26. started from scratch and i am up to 3.9 running stress tests with 1.42v , so far so good, fsb at 200 , ram back to 800mhz , if things keep going well should i still drop the ram back to 533 with 1.8v ?
  27. Well if u don't get any error after the stress test u can try the same settings but with the RAM @ 800MHZ
  28. Well 3.9 at 1.42 volt did well with an hour and a half with no errors on Linx, gonna try 20x multiplier with same settings and see how it goes.
  29. Gonna start stress testing at 4.0, realized i do not need amd overdrive for anything voltage wise, or anything for that matter, i truly hate the utility.

    I am an idiot and didn't read properly how to adjust voltage in bios!

    Well i am still not sure why everything shows my pc at 4.0 right now accept cpu-z and this temp widget i have, is there any reason for this ? I mean Everest even shows all my cores running at 4.0!
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