A write operation was attempted to a volume after it was dismounted

hi, i recently replaced my internal hard drive bcuz my computer always froze at the loading bar. however, the replacement didnt help. after i finished formatting my computer, the computer restarts and began to reinstall the windwos os(XP). suddenly an error message "A write operation was attempted after a volume was dismounted" appeared and the computer began to restart again. then after loading, the message "Setup is being restarted" appeared, and then the error "a write operation was attempted to a volume after it was dismounted" appeared again and the automatic restarted again. the cycle repeats unless i manually turn off the computer. wuts going on can someone help plz!!!
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  1. if someone can help i would appreciate
  2. double check the hdd cables, power and data, even replace them with new ones if you can and clear ur BIOS by taking the CMOS battery out for 30s while its unplugged from power and try a new reinstall.
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