Pulling my hair out, please help! Rampage Extreme II

First of all, please don't move this thread to a different category the reason i posted here was mostly only over clockers would use the Rampage Extreme II motherboard.

This mother board comes with a (TOTALLY FAIL) sound card, called the X-Fi MB or some such crap. Its simply a riser for the sound. Its not a real Sound blaster card for a start, and uses Realtek sound or soundmax sound or something instead. I F*^&ING hate it, its never worked properly.

I run the sound out from it via SPDIF into a Cambridge DDT3500 ( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005AUJX/gemotrack9-20/ref=nosim ). This gives me sound, but its not very good, in games i NEVER get surround, and am lucky to get stereo in some of them.

in most films (.MKV) i have to choose the 'pro-logic' option and then choose 5.1 in the audio setup option in VLC Media Player, but the sound is not right, the centre seems too quite and you cant hear people speak very much, and the surround is weak. In the 'playback properties' it has all speaker options other then stereo missing.

Some films come up and show on the Cambridge soundworks thing as dolby digital, I dont change any settings anywhere, it just auto switches to this and they sound awesome.

Now I am stuck as to what to do. If i choose optical i just get crackling noises.

I have 3 sound things showing in devices, and 2 of them are from my 2x HD5870's.

I also own a X-FI xtreme gamer, Which I'd like to use, but it does not seem to fit in the bottom slot of the mother board and there are no other free slots. I cant tell if its the wrong slot for the sound card cos of the tiny space i'm dealing with, does anyone know if the card should fit?

Please help cos i'm getting really really stressed with this.

If you have a rampage extreme II MB please advise me how you got 5.1 working and what you did to sort it out. Thanks.


Ok, i think the bottom slot on the board is PCI-E, and the card is only PCI :O( so i dont think i can ever use my Xtreme Gamer card :O(

PLease help solve the problem with the sound solution that came with the Motherboard.

CURSE ASUS for having such a crappy complicated sound setup. DONT BY THIS MOTHER BOARD!
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  1. aside from the usual...bios update and what not, you might want to clear CMOS....odder things have been solved this way.

    I do not have this board, but I do have an ASUS, and happened to notice on the sytem disk that came with the board a driver for the sound, which I had not installed previously. It didn't seem to change much of anything, but then I wasn't having a problem either.
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