Remote turn off of mi pc

Is there something similar to the Lan Card (Wake on Lan) or software to turn off the pc with windows Xp Professional?
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  1. It can be done via software, but you need another system or remote control to shutdown your PC. How far is remote for you?
  2. Thank you for your answer!
    It´s a Lan in a small business. I used the WOL options to turn on the computers and it worked, so I would like to turn off the PC without using a Logme in Software. The idea is that I will connect by internet to a "server" and then with WOL I will turn on the computer(s) I need. Now the problem is how turn it off.
    I all ready used the SHUTDOWN -I command but I have problems because in the lan configuration of Windows Xp we dont have defined user´s , administrators, etc.. you know
    Any good Idea?
    Thanks a lot!!
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    Have you tried using PSShutdown? As long as you know an admin account on the PC, you can shut it down. I've been using it to shutdown PCs when the server's UPS detects a power failure (all systems that should be shutdown are listed in the command file to execute).

    I also use PsService to stop and start services on other servers or PCs.
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