Removing OS from 2nd partition but keeping files

Right now I have a dual boot set up, both with Windows 7. On one partition I have a freshly installed Windows 7 and on the other is the older version of 7 with all my files. I was wondering if I could just delete all the Windows files from the second partition (the older version of Windows) and keep the files I want. Then I'd just use that partition as storage. Would I run into problems with this? Would my PC still think that the partition has an OS on it?

Thanks for any replies, reformatting isn't an option as I have no place to temporarily store all of my files.
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    You can do that, just make very sure you are deleting the OS you no longer want to use. Then in W7 run msconfig to edit/remove the earlier W7 install from the the bootloader, so it boots striaght into W7
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  3. Thank you very much for the reply
  4. You're welcome. Happy computing!
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