Having Trouble finding a Mobo that fits my needs

Hi people first time poster here....

first of all im building a new system and im having trouble finding a mobo with my certain needs i just bought a am3 phenom II x4 3.0 mhz processor and a 750w power supply but cant seem to find a mobo that supports am3, with ddr3, and sli if anyone can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it

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  1. Check with NVidia, but the 980a chipset supports DDR2, not DDR3.
  2. whats crazy is this would be the perfect mobo for me if it was SLI Compad.

  3. is this for a new build, if so why not crossfire, it works fine
  4. <-------doesnt like ati.....ive bought 4 ati cards in my life time and all of them had problems from the get go so if need be ill just get one nvidia card than live with 2 ati's
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