802.11B or G - What to install for home network

Forgive the newbie question. I dont keep up with networking news.

I have a wired 100mbit lan, but want to get a wireless router so my laptop wont be tied down. I dont care for the speed as long as it is faster the the cable modem for casual surfing. Mainly, I want the functionality of moving my laptop.

Moving on, I realize a "G" linksys router and compatible "G" nic will cost about $60 more instead of "B" hardware. My need for wireless is limited since I am not a big fan, but it does have a small place in my network.

Should I go with "B" or "G" according to the following criterias.

1) Use only for net surfing
2) Want to be cheap b/c no real need to upgrade
3) Debating on "G" for the future even though "B" is fine today
4) Are there small USB adapters for "G" (sorry, I have not looked in a long time)

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  1. for casual surfing, even large downloads either one will be the same.

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  2. Yep, either one would do what you want, but the 'g' setup doesn't cost but a few bucks more, so the added capability won't cost a lot. But I wouldn't go with LinkSys equipment unless you can get some special deal. The D-Link DI-624 and the associated card offer a significantly better range and throughput in the latest tests run by PC Magazine's labs.

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