Two gtx 260's

hi guys

hopefully someone can help
i am looking to get another gtx 260 to run in sli but i have a thermaltake toughpower 750w psu with 1 x 6pin and 1 x 8pin pci-e power connector ( i use both of these for my 260 ) so would i have to change the psu to a 850w which comes with 4 x 6pin pci-e connectors or is there a way to run both cards off the 750w psu?

thanks for any help in advance :-)
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  1. Not really, what I mean is you dont need to buy a new PSU, some of the GTX 260s come with an adapter from a two 1x 4 pin 12volts to a 1x8 pin pci-e power connector. Just check the accessories from the retailer and make sure you have these adapters. 750 should be enough to run two 260s in SLI.

    Of course, you'll need to have some 1x4 pin connectors availble.

  2. the 750w psu comes with 2x6pin connectors, takes 2 of those to power 1 card, either buy a new psu,

    750tx or the Red Power cooler P&C 750w


    figure out a way to get convertors for more 6pin pci-e connectors.

    heres the PSU's i recommend
    750w p&c
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