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I am using an air conditioner to cool the hardware inside the cabinet.

Hi everyone,
I overclocked my graphics card and CPU like crazy but after running crysis warhead(nearly maxed) it used to get overheated and shuts down automatically.So, I used my brain and decided to put my cabinet near my air conditioner at the distance of 4-5 inches.Now, It can run Crysis warhead at enthusiast settings and 4x AA without any lag or heating issues.

Without any load the graphics card temperature decreases to 14 degree C and CPU temperature goes below 8 degree C.When running Crysis warhead(very high settings) graphics card temperature increases upto 21 degree C and CPU temperature goes upto 15 degree C.

Here are my questions:

Are these temperature readings good???
Am I overcooling my system???
Will condensation become a thing to worry about???

rig: amd phenom ii x4 945 @3.6 ghz O.C
nvidia geforce 9800gt O.C 87%
4 gb ddr 2 ram
asus m4a78-em/1394 mobo.

I know this is a rare topic but any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
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  1. The temps are good and you can't overcool except the condensation issue and yes you should worry about it, cooling below room temp will cause condensation. Sorry I can't tell you any more maybe someone else can tell you how much at risk you are but until then I would stop.
  2. Condensation is only a problem when the temperature inside the case is below of the room temp.
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    I think your idea is fantastic. No condensation, because the cpu will still be warmer than the surrounding air, you have just effectively lowered the ambient temp. Any condensation from the cooling will be handled by the AC unit itself, and be routed outside the house.
  4. Thank you guys...because CPU will produce heat and inside the case, temperature would be definitely more than room condensation, now overclocking to even higher limits.
  5. Enjoy it and take a look of my sig ;)
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