About to order my stuff, is 650watts enough?

I just want to make sure 650 watts will power this computer so I can save $30 and not get the 750w PSU.

PSU: Corsair 650


GPU: XFX GTX 285 Black Edition

CPU: E8500

RAM: G.SKill 4 gigs.

HD: WD Caviar Black 640gig

Display: 22" widescreen

CPU COOLER: Xigmatek S1283

4 Scythe SlipStream fans to replace the 4 in my NZXT Tempest Case.

& 1, 12" cathode.
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  1. yes, 650w would be more than enough to power all of those, though if you're thinking of adding a second video card, you would need 750w or higher.
  2. Yep, since your board is not crossfire or SLI, you should be fine there.
  3. Nice build. The PSu is fine. Get this bracket for the Xigmatek too:
  4. got it :)

    I actually didnt order the parts tonight since the black knight got sold out 20 min. before I did.. Ill wait till tomorrow and if it hasnt come back, ill get the regular one.

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