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As i am not very well versed in this i don't exactly know to technically explain better than giving gurus out there my requirment.

I wanted to buy a server that servers the following purpose.

Many users want to share a common location to do their work. all the users will be doing most probably autocad drawings. i need a fast system that enable users read and write files faster. what would be best solution. many users will be reading and writing at the same time.

looking forward to your supporting

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  1. How many users do you expect to support with this server? You have several options, depending on the answer. You could buy a NAS or PC based server, or you could build your server using FreeNAS, a Linux distro, or even W2k3 or WHS, etc.

    Please clarify and I am sure the collective members of Tom's can help.
  2. we would be having around 15 users maximum but as a regular case we will have around five dedicated users.
  3. Do you prefer to buy a new system (more expensive) or build your own? Is the primary purpose just as a shared file space?
  4. yes, to buy a new one. exactly to use it as a shared file space.
  5. Where are you located in the world? It helps to know in order to direct you to a good source. Both HP and Dell make small office servers that would fit nicely to your needs, as do others.
  6. i am in kuwait.
  7. I know that Dell has a strong presence in Kuwait, at least they did when I was there. I am sure HP does as well. I suggest you look at something like the following for your use:



    Both can be configured for the options you want. Really up to how much money you want to spend. Good luck!
  8. I don't know what buying options you have in Kuwait, but I would expect a ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition would do quite nicely for you.

    I have a client doing large CAD drawings who use and old ReadyNAS NV+ and have been quite happy.

    The Pro would perform much better than the NV+ did.

    I have reviews & info on my site.

  9. The ReadyNas Pro is a good solution for storage, no doubt. A stand alone server, can provide more capability (domain controller, e-mail server, etc) than a NAS. It is really a matter of what you want and how much you want to spend.

    If it were me, until I was sure what I wanted to do, I would download and install FreeNAS on a PC with lots of disk space and use it in the interim until a solution is determined. This would cost you nothing and would provide the storage solution desired (at least in the short term).
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