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VCore Voltage Warning popping up - advice needed !

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September 15, 2010 8:43:22 PM

Hello all, I hope that someone can help... this is all new to me.

I have posted this in the New Build forum - but was advised to ask you guys !

The spec of the machine in question is:

Motherboard: Asus mATX P7H55-M/USB3
Processor: Icore 5 760 2.80GHz
Graphics Card: GF GT220 1GB PCI-E 2.0 HDMI
Hard disk: Western Digital 1TB Sata 7200
PSU: 600W Gold PSU 12cm 24 pin 600U
Optical: LG DVDRW
Case: Antec 300
Windows Home Premium 64bit

I have bolted everything together. I have installed Windows. I then for starters put in the motherboard disk and loaded everything (knowing that as soon as I had internet connection I would check for updates), I also loaded an Asus utility called "Express Gate" (??). I have rebooted the machine (twice on it's request). Now (and I shut the machine down straight away), a big warning message keeps popping up on the bottom right hand side of the screen when I am in Windows saying:

Warning ... VCore Voltage .800V

Here is what cpu-z is saying:

This is my first (and at this rate - probably my last) PC build ! I have no idea what the warning message means or if I am about to kill my hardware.

All help much appreciated.

Thank you.

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a c 198 K Overclocking
September 15, 2010 9:37:15 PM

You have a chip that runs at .800 volts? you really won the CPU lottery. :bounce: 
What you are seeing is not unusual. Many motherboards do that when you increase the core voltage above the VID. If you had a chip that needed 1.200 volts to run, you would get a similar message if you increased the voltage to 1.21 volts.

As long as you do not exceed Intel's recommended voltage for the chip, you will be OK.
September 15, 2010 9:55:02 PM

Hi jsc

I'm not sure that I follow you... (this is all double dutch to me, as my background is software development !)

I haven't done anything apart from plug all the bits and bobs together - and install everything that came on the motherboard disk! I haven't touched
increased the core voltage above the VID
- I haven't a clue what that is !

If I look at the intel site and check the processor specification - what label am I looking for - will it say VID and give me a range of numbers ? Are you saying that as long as the Vcore number is within that range then I can sit back and relax ?

Thank you for your patience !