Amd phenom ii x4 965 oc

I got a MSI 790FX-GD70 and a new AMD Phenom ii x4 965 3.4ghz and im looking to overclock it to 4.0ghz and wondering if anyone tried this yet and if anyone can give me the settings to do it without me trying to many setups.

thanks :D
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  1. Sorry, there is no "set-it and forget-it" to reach @4.0 it will take some experimentation. That being said @3.6-3.8 can be easily achieved by simply raising the Vcore slightly and upping the Multiplier a couple of notches.

    *Always keep an eye on temps. when attempting any OC'ing!!!
  2. unclefester is right. Not only that but I have a 790FX-GD70 as well, it took me a while to find my 955's sweet spot, 3.9 at 1.49v. Because not all CPU's are manufactered perfectly, you sometimes have to look at the "quality" of the stepping. Some people with the 955 can easily hit 4.0ghz while some like me not so lucky. IT's a trial and error so no quick way for you.
  3. Well you can always use the MSI OC Dial feature on the M/B itself, and see how far that will get you, you can find details in your manual.

    Otherwise as already stated there's no quick fix, especially to 4.0ghz.
  4. Haha yeah the OC dial, It's ok but that thing really is just a faster way to up your multiplier XD
  5. amd phenom 2 965 can be easily overclocked to 4to 4.2ghz by upping the voltage and multiplier......
    I can do it with just 20x multiplier but at 1.5 v but i have proper cooling ....never went on full load above 53c with hyper 212+ dual fan setup. My new cpu......x4 965........ though first was x4 b50 at 3.6ghz/2.4ghz at 1.44/1.446

    and this at 4.2ghz/2.8ghz at 1.5/1.4 v
  6. forgot to tell ...... I just noticed a difference of 5to 6 frames in gta4 only but all the other games showed no gain or gain of 1or 2 fps
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