How to remove virus manually on xp

i can't format a drive of 11 gb on my partitions in ==>disk management<== there is no highlighted words for formating and deleting so anyidea there is in harddrive i found two files one is autorun.inf and second is qwef(cmd file)
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  1. Use Ubutu on a disk or usb drive to format your hard drive.
    You can also try the dos command format or you download hijackthis to find it. Well, you can use regedit to search for it in (if the folders exist):

    in the folders:
    Active Desktop
    Explorer > Run
    System > UIPI > Clipboard > ExceptionFormats

    Also try Spybot S&D to search for it.
    Other commands to delete the virus.

    del /f /s /q /a :r :h :i :s :a :l Drive/:Name.*
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  3. To remove a virus manually, first identify the virus:
    Upload your suspected file to VirusTotal. If it is a virus, use a data shredder software to delete it.
    Most common places for malware to hide:
    c:/Users/<YourUsername>/ (and subfolders)
    Startup folder (type shell:startup in run)
    Temp folder (type %temp% in run)
    and so many more... but using AV software is the easiest. If not use hitman pro
    It is the best virus scanner out there (even better then malwarebytes <which i also recmmand>)
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