How do I make stuff not save on my SSD?

Basically, I am trying to have everything saved to my HDD. I only have 80g of space on my SSD, and I want to use that for my OS, drivers, and FFXIV. Everything else I want to be on my HHD. However, when I download and install a new game (even though I designate my HDD) it saves some stuff on my SSD. What is the deal? Do I need to buy another SSD or what? This thing is going to fill up fast.
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  1. When you install programs, you have to choose the "custom" or "advanced" install option and manually enter the folder you'd like it installed into. There's no way to change the default folder from the system drive.

    But it's not that big an issue because you only have to install each program once - any upgrades or patches are usually smart enough to automatically go into whatever folder you first installed the program into.
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    You also can change your "download" folder location so that all downloads are onto your secondary drive so you don't fill up the SSD.

    You should be able to just go into my computer and navigate to C:/USERS/USER_NAME/

    and right click and "cut" the downloads folder and move it to a place on your other HDD.

    Here's instructions for moving My Documents, Pictures etc also if you need them!
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  4. Perfect. Thanks!
  5. No Problem! Sorry about the random face in the middle of my comment! haha!
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