Best SLI mobo for $120?

Whats the best LGA 775 SLI motherboard for $80 and $100 respectively?
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  1. Don't mind the $120. Im talking about $80 and $100. I dont know how to edit the title..
  2. what Socket ?
  3. whoops, forgot that. It's LGA 775
  4. Man, that whole category of motherboards are hurting. I had to replace my nvidia based board, and instead buying the crap that is out there that is nvidia + 775, I just dropped SLI and got a P45 board -- and I'm loving it.

    For your price range... I guess you could pick up something older, like a nvidia 600i series mobo (cannot find those on newegg though).

    Unless you up your price (look at these 700i series boards... lowest around $120), you not going to find anything worth spending money on, IMHO.

    (as you start getting sub-$100 on nvidia boards, they begin to not have SLI)
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  6. Are you tied to NVIDIA cards? Because really, P45 is great.
  7. unfortunately, yes. I already have the 9800gt and i cant afford to go ati anymore
  8. So you've got two 9800s? Even then, the satisfaction of an awesome P45 board is worth more to me than running 2 9800s in SLI on an nvidia 750i chipset.

    I run two nvidia 8800gts cards on a P45 board. I don't get to take advantage of SLI, but I still get to run my 3 monitors.

    The board you linked is fine... so is the EVGA equivalent. I think you'd be wasting your money though, because those boards no where near as good as a $120 P45 board.
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