Bad links in lost chain at cluster could it be the flash drive?

I need help. My turned my computer on and pressed F1 because my battery was dying. Then this black page came up with " bad link in lost chain at cluster xxxxxxxx corrected". Now I can not even turn my computer off. It is on but with a black screen. Which is weird because I have it plugged in. I also have a flash drive on my computer. Could that be causing problems? Please help me!


Very Concerned
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  1. It sounds as if your hard drive has failed and is most likely shot. The message that you are getting is a result of the drive failing before the BIOS could even identify the drive. If there is vital data on it, it could potentially be recovered by various companies out there that specialize in data recovery, but such services are pretty expensive.
  2. Does holding in the power button for at least 4 seconds turn off the computer?

    What is the boot order set to in the BIOS Setup, flash drive before hard disk drive?
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