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I just got my new system, i7 950 yady yady yada BUT i have an issue, i live in northern Australia and its HOT! about 80 Degrees F in the room that the computer lives in and its not even summer. Already the sock fan that came with the i7 950 runs like a black hawk helicopter as soon as i put on the computer. I am worried that when it gets into summer and i play a 5 hour session of Starcraft my computer will blow up.

I want a solution that will be quite and keep my system cool during summer. Not too worried about overclocking as most of my games/programs work ok as it BUT a little bit of over clocking could be done in the future.

I have been looking at the Corsair Hydro Series the H70 will keep it cool but will be noisy and the H50 mite not have enough power to keep it cool! Anyone got any ideas? will the H50 be sufficient or should i just get the H70 and put up with the noise.

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  1. The H50 cools the CPU just as much as a high end air cooler. The design of both systems recommend you pull air into the rear of the case through their rad. This can alter the airflow and impact GPU and mobo cooling.

    I had a H50, and hooked up two fans in a push/pull configuration and it worked ok. I opted for the noctua nh-d14 and I'm very pleased with the result.

    The H50/H70 being a closed system, I was a bit concerned if the pump failed, I'd get no warning other then cooking my cpu.

    For my setup, I went with the Noctua cooler and a silverstone FT02 case, replacing the H50 cooler and Antec 300 case.

    My temps decreased from the mid to upper 40s (Celsius) no load ambient temps 20-25c. The load temps were in the range of 55-60c. After changing the case/cooler I'm not seeing temps in the mid 30s (no load same ambient temp), and upper 40s with a load.

    I'm running a Core i7-930 2.8 Ghz overclocked to 3.25Ghz and I'm sitting at 34c right now.
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