No hard drive found, on Gateway CX2619 laptop

We got a hand me down Gateway Laptop, and made the mistake of assuming (yes no the meaning) that there was 2 System Recovery Kit disks, and there was a third one. After getting half way thru the reformat process.

Now just want to install a full version XP Pro, and getting an error that there's no hard drive found. I read the thread about changing the SATA setting in my BIOS, but I find no such setting. Again this is a Gateway Laptop, w/Phoneix bios. When I plug in my USB 2GB stick in see's that as a hard drive and would install windows onto usb drive. Just looking for any help, to avoid taking to Office Depot and putting down money to install windows.

Thx, Steve
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  1. bummer. you got a copy of XP, your trying to install yourself and it doesn't show the hdd in setup? checked it actually has a hdd? if its handmedown someone may have yoinked it as its one of the few things removable of use in a laptop. if it has a hdd, take it out, plug it back in and try again. otherwise the hdd might be fubar'd.
  2. Check the gateway website for the SATA driver and hit the f6 key during the windows setup to load the driver. if unsure google "f6 windows install" for more info.
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