4830 in xfire vs 4870

Okay.... So i'm building system and i need help. Should I buy 4870 or 2x4830? Computer will be mostly for games. I am not thinking about adding cards, when the computer will get old i will replace whole. Which is better? Is this power supply too much?
ok comp specs
Intel core 2 duo e 7400 (clocked to atleast 3.00)
2x4830 512mb or 4870 512mb
850 watt power supply
500 gb storage
2 gb corsair dominator

Yeah i know its not much but kinda short on money :P
Can I switch to e5300 (normaly 2,6) and oc it to 3 GH? Would it made any preformance issues? Anything better I can do? Oh, and i'm sorry i cant buy from internet.
Thanks for your answer :D
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  1. Keep the E7400 and oc it just as much..

    I dont think it's necessary to crossfire 2 low end cards when they would probably perform just the same as a 1gb Toxic Sapphire 4870 or get the Sapphire 4870 512mb, depending on your monitor.

    Whats the size of the monitor

    500gb - dont get seagate barracuda,

    get Western digital "Black" prefferbaly.

    Thats an overkill psu. way to much for a simple card.

    Find something in the 550w-650w range of Corsair/PC Power Cooling/OCZ.

    Corsair should be fine, im sure its CL is 4-4-4-12.. always try and get 4gb if you can, you should be able to since your lowering the psu.

    Look for G.skills PI Black 2x2gb or corsairs/OCZ in the DDR2 800mhz range, ask a person or spec. the memory for a CL"Cas Latency" of 4-4-4-12 / 5-4-4-12 / 5-5-5-15.
  2. Can i buy 2 times 2gb and someway pair it up? you see, 2 gb costs 40€ and 4 gb costs 110 €.
    No, I was whatching wd ;D. I'll probobly get 22" monitor. And 650W for crossfire or single card?
  3. oh, and can't get 1 gb 4870. too expensive here.
  4. 2x4830 ~ 2x8800GT/9800GT ~ 9800 GX2 > GTX280 > GTX260 (216) ~ 4870 1GB
  5. Im up with fullmetall.
    it might be better to change your psu to a 550-650w.
    4-6gigs ram.
    4870 512mb is a nice card and even nicer if that price cut arrives and the card is lowered to $150. With the money thats left, you can buy a nice cooler.
  6. yes, 4 gig ram, but can i buy 2 times 2 gb (same)?
  7. yes
  8. Buyings 2x2gb means theres 2 sticks and each stick is worth 2gb of ram = 4gb.

    same as 4x1gb, each stick is worth 1gb of ram and theres 4 sticks = 4gb but, its always best to have 2x2gb = 4gb.

    Can you get a 4870 512mb card?
  9. If you can, Switch to the E5200, which can oc just as much as a e8400 then, look into the 4870 512.

    Now your motherboard you want or have, is it crossfire compatible? or 1 single pci-e slot. if it is, look into the GTS 250 which is a little faster than the 4850 1gb card.
  10. P5Q pro. Gts 250 not here.
  11. Okay so thats a P45 Asus board right.

    Thats open for crossfire. So you can get a 4870 512mb for it, make sure you have a good resolution monitor like you said, 22".

    650w will power this 1 card but, if you plan to xfire later on, then you will need to get a 750w pc power or a 750tx corsair.
  12. I told you, I wont be able to upgrade later. Simply, is 4830 xfire better than 4870 512mb?
  13. Re-post, your getting 2x4830's right.

    Well if you can't upgrade later on then, yea, it should be more performance than a single 4870 1gb.

    650w should power it no problem.
  14. ok, thanks :D. You have been very helpfull
  15. Higher in synthetics? Yea. Higher in games? Maybe. Best choice? No.

    Id go with a single 4870. This will eliminate Crossfire problems such as lack of support/compatability. And crossfire wont necessarily let you crank games up higher, they will just run smoother with possible higher FPS. Youre still going to be limited to to 512mb, and if crossfire isnt supported period (which is often isnt) youre going to be left with a single average card. Which is why I susgest a single 4870 with 1GB, such as the Sapphire model under $200 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102801

    I just droped crossfired 4850's for a single GTX 285, and im telling you that it was worth it.
  16. ^ You dropped two 4850s for a single GTX285??? Wah??

    You're getting less hassle with a single GPU, but that's still a downgrade.

    9800GX2 ~ 2x9800GT ~ GTX285 > GTX280

    9800GTX ~ 4850 > 9800GT

    So two 4850s Xfire or two 9800GTXs SLIed would totally wipe the floor with a GTX285 in a game with SLi/Xfire enabled.
  17. Bluescreendeath said:

    So two 4850s Xfire or two 9800GTXs SLIed would totally wipe the floor with a GTX285 in a game with SLi/Xfire enabled.

    Too bad nothing I play supported CF worth a damn. Anyways this isnt my thread, back to the OP topic.
  18. ^ dang, tat sucks. Was it an older game?
  19. Multiple games. Past and present, enabling crossfire showed very little to zero increase in performance.
  20. @topic

    btw, 4830s aren't low end cards. They're the equal to the 8800/9800GT so they're really at the bottom of the "high end" cards or at the topic of the mid-end cards.

    Two 4830s will pwn a 4870
  21. I made a chart that I believe is a good indication of GPU and gaming performance. I'll use the 9800GTX/GTX+/GTS250 and 4850 as the base value of 1.0 - with higher values being better performance. This is with SLi/Xfire enabled games.

    1 8800GT/9800GT or 4830 = .8
    2x 8800GT/9800GT SLi or 4830 Xfire = 1.4
    1 9800GX2 = 1.45
    1 9800GTX/GTX+/GTX250 or 4850 = 1
    2x 9800GTX/GTX+/GTX250 SLi or 4850 Xfire = 1.8
    1 GTX260 192core = 1.25
    1 GTX260 216core = 1.3
    1 4870 512mb = 1.25
    1 4870 1GB = 1.3
    1 GTX280 = 1.45
    1 GTX285 = 1.5
  22. Yea, alow games dont allow crossfire/sli such as WoW, it will only use so much mb in a gpu.

    most best to get the most out of the budget in a single gpu.
  23. @spathotan: As i mentioned, 1 gb 4870 is very expensive (280-300€) here. And I cant buy from internet.
  24. Ugh, sorry I overlooked that. You should be looking at a GTX 260 then.
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