Dual core cpu's for ECS 945P-A 1.1 ?

Hello all,

I've got an old ECS 945P-A 1.1 board, and I'm researching dual core CPU's for it. The ECS website specifies it can accept only P4 & Pentium D LGA 775 processors but doesn't give any processor details.

So I got a list of possible CPU's at http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-ECS/945P-A%28V1.1%29.html

My question is, will even boot with modern LGA 775 processor like the Core Duo's.

Has any tried fitting a Core processor on this board, and was it usable?

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  1. Core2 duos have different voltage requirements. I suggest a motherboard upgrade to a g31. Newegg has biostar open box g31 boards for $27.99 plus shipping. Biostar will send you a backplate for free if you email them.
  2. Thank you for the sound advice.
  3. I have the same board and recently found a pentium d 2.8g 800fsb processor on craigs list local to me and ind installed a radeon 4670 w/1gig video memory and 2 gig of system memory 750 gig hard drive sata all works well. I have one issue though, I installed a tv wonder hd650 pro tuner card and the computer failed to boot. Remove the card and it worked fine. Installed all vista updates, etc. Still same problem. I have a 500watt power supply. Could I be under powered?
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