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I just recently got some better cooling in my case, and decided to experiment a bit with overclocking. I have a GIGABYTE EP45-UD3P mobo, and decided to use the built in tool, Easy Tune. I went with a modest overclock, just bumping my Intel Q9550 from 2.83 Ghz to 3.2 Ghz. I assumed there wouldn't be any problems, as all it changes is frequency. After shutting down, I went into the BIOS and checked that everything looked normal, which it did. Temperatures were all perfectly fine, so I assumed that it would be stable. After saving to CMOS and quitting, my system immediately shut down, then restarted three times before it finally booted up normally again. I assumed this was because of the overclock, so I changed everything back to defaults, but when I saved to CMOS and quit, it did the same thing. Shut down and restarted three times before it booted up normally. Now everytime I choose to save to CMOS and quit, even if I don't change a thing, it goes through the same cycle of shutting down and restarting three times. It never did that before I tried using the Easy Tune tool for overclocking, and now it won't stop. I'm wondering what the root of the problem is, and what a possible solution might be. I'm hoping that I don't have a faulty mobo :(

Edit: I should also mention that after it shuts down and comes back, in the tweaking section of the BIOS, it displays a message that the system has experienced shut downs because of overclocking or voltage changes. Again, it displayed the same thing even after I reset everything to default.
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  1. I would try to update BIOS for better compatibility, but if you don't feel like it, try removing the battery from the board (with power cord out) and than push the power button several times. Put the battery back and try to save your BIOS with default settings. Shut down the PC, wait a while and turn it on again to check if everything is OK. If it doesn't help it's off to flashing :)
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