UBCD won't find HDD

I have an external hard drive (60gig 7200 rpm Hitachi Travelstar) I keep connected to my computer via external. I wanted to run the HDD diagnosis on it with Ulimate Boot CD; however, the CD can never find it - but Windows 7 does. Any suggestions help?
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  1. Your bios might not support the use of usb hard drives w/o drivers, and therefore it works in windows, but not elsewhere.

    Also it might be because UBCD cant find the specific file system version on the disk (don't know if this applies, i assume it normally wouldn't as it is a diagnostic tool - but ive bener had to use it)

    You might have to enable the use of usb drives in the bios - my rampage lets me choose how to handle usb hard drives.
  2. Is there a certain way to do that? I have a ASUS M2N68-AM SE2, Onboard Video, PCI-EX, 1GB LAN mobo. It recognizes the hdd when I go into the bios.
  3. ?
  4. Try Seatools from Seagate - http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/seatools

    It usually has a Generic Test. which is still just as valid as the Seagate specific test really for ur hdd. Or is there something specific that you want to test??
  5. Nope, just want to tests HDDs without having to get a different PC.

    Still would like to solve the problem though.
  6. did you try Seatools?
  7. Yeah I did, and it's a great solution if I can get UBCD to read my External drive (I test a LOT of hard drives so I'd like to get UBCD working).
  8. perhaps the issue is UBCD doesn't like USB connected storage?? does it load USB drivers?? just because the BIOS knows ur hdd is plugged in doesn't mean the UBCD will be able to access it. If it doesn't have software to drive the USB device and use it, then this may be whats happening. I can't remember using UBCD for USB devices, when I was working I had a testbed that I'd hook everything upto. :/ I'm just stuck on why you NEED UBCD if something like Seatools can still do the job? is Seatools slower?? sry, bear with me.
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