I7-930 to 4GHz, need a little help.

Hello all,

Tested my i7-930 overclocked to 4GHz with P95 blend for over 14 hours last night, figured it was stable enough. Some of the details...

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R board, on the latest BIOS
191 BCLK x 21 multi
VCore @ 1.26250 & QPI @ 1.24
Turbo off, C1E off, EIST off, HT on, thermal protection on, LLC stage 1.
Memory multi @ 6, which has the RAM at 1146 or so (RAM is 6GB of Dominators 1600).
All other voltages and ram settings are set at AUTO

Temps were fine, topping out at 77 or so with my H50 cooling it. No BSOD...

This morning, I wanted to turn on the settings that I had disabled for the OC so I turned on turbo, C1E, EIST. Before the Windows 7 start screen, BSOD. Turned off turbo, got into Windows 7 fine. I ran P95 on blend and left for work, came back home 4 hours later to a BSOD saying "MEMORY MANAGEMENT" ...0x1A.

Considering last night was fine and the only changes were turning on EIST & C1E, what could be the issue? Do I need to turn up my RAM voltage?

Thanks guys...still trying to get the hang of OCing.
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  1. Turn your settings back to stock, download and run memtest86, If it dont bsod at stock settings. If it does bsod at stock settings try each individual stick at a time until you find the one causing the bsod. It could be memory or it could be your settings but it is best to rule out memory first. [:bohleyk:1]
  2. Sure, I have that program now. I actually ran it about 30 minutes at the OC'd level and had zero errors or BSOD. How long should I test it at stock?
  3. I recommend running it at least an hour per stick.
  4. Or until you get errors
  5. I ran memtest for more than half an hour, got no errors.

    Asked my friend and he suggested I raise VDIMM which I did and ran the same P95 test and got no BSOD.
  6. Cool glad that worked it is just a good thing to test memory before trying anything else when you have a memory BSOD.
    Enjoy the rig.
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