XP won't recognize external hard drive

Hey all,

I accidentally deleted a seagate FreeAgent's partition last night when I was formatting a machine. I managed to get all the data out of it, but now I'm having an issue with XP recognizing it.

I went into Windows 7, into the computer management found it and did a quick format on it. I tried NTFS and exFAT. I tried assigning different letters, etc. It works fine on my Windows 7 machine, but when I bring it down to XP it just won't work. It doesn't recognize the drive, and in the computer management I see it yet I cannot do anything to it.

I tried deleting the volume in 7 then brought it to XP to see if I could format it and I still can't do anything to it. All the options (format, etc) are greyed out. Only thing I can do is view properties.

Any ideas on how to fix it so that it reads both in 7 and XP?

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  1. wow, is there any seagate software that might handle it? like u might have to have it talk to seagate software before it wants to play?
  2. I am having the same problem with a Simpletech 160 Gig external USB hard drive. I tried to use it to save data from my dying laptop before replacing that hard drive. In that unsuccessful process, I recall seeing reference to removing a partition on the external drive. Subsequently, it appeared to be recording the data, but the laptop crashed before completion of the dump. Since then, neither my desk-top nor my restored laptop will recognize the external drive. Any help will be greatly welcomed.
  3. I did a little more research and found the solution to my problem. Right-clicked on My Computer, found Disk Management, right-clicked on Disk 1 (the external drive) and added a basic partition. It formatted the disk (took about an hour), and now both computers recognize it just fine.
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