AMD 965 @3.9!!

Hey whats up I just started OCing my cpu today and right now I running 3.935 with a multiplier of 19.50
and BUS of 201 and my voltage is 1.312.

I also got my memory at its rated times @1600 =7 8 7 24 2!
Then in easy tuner I got my GPU @920Mhz and Memory at 1245Mhz!

My temps:
GPU=41 Gpu Fan=60% right now

So i wanted some advice on what temps I should be running idle before I do a Prime95 test!
I also wanted to know of some tips to increase my GPU and memory or just any general opinions??
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  1. For some reason my computer will not go past 200mhz Frequency??
    Then also I tried getting my clock to 4.0, and I don't know why but it would just crash everytime???
    I don't understand I tried 200x20multipler and 210x19.5 but both would crash?

    The only thing I don't understand is that my temperatures are pretty low considering, I just didn't
    want to only use my multiplier for OCing.

    So I am going to do some research into what I should, I am going to make a guess and add some
    juice at push my Voltage up, I might just be short on power or something!
  2. Usually that's a sign of needing more crash, make sure your memory has the required amount of voltage too, not just on "auto". Also when going to 4ghz and beyond you may want to slap a little extra voltage on your bridge. I've noticed that can sometimes be the limiting factor.
  3. Well... Like cottonball, the bridge also needs some extra juice, not sure ram needs any because the ram isn't being OC'd at all since it is a BE chip. You have to remember Salt, not all 965's and 955's are made with the same quality, it can also depend on the quality of the stepping. For instance you'll hit 4ghz on some 965 easily, while others not so much. For instance, I can run 200x20 but it is never stable on Prime95 on my 955. So I just left it at 3.9 on 1.49v.

    Which brings me to voltage, I've heard many people undervolt. But I wouldn't recommend it until you've tried uping the cpu voltage. For instance the only way I could get my 955 stable at 3.9 was at 1.49v. So yours probably needs some extra juice in the CPU, trying upping it by one increment until it's stable enough to get into OS and run Prime95. Once you can, but it's unstable, keeping doing that until its stable, if you can't get it stable you probably just cant.
  4. Well in my bios when I take it off, auto, it flashes red and warning signs, even if I adjust it.
    But I will give it try and give some juice, I just wanted to run 4.0 thats it(lol), I don't why
    she doesn't want to, she runs super smooth and cool at 3935.44, she just wasn't go that extra little.

    I did OC my memory to its "advertised" speeds, and there just fine. When adjusting my my BUS
    it does change my memory timings, so maybe its that I am trying to run my 1600 rated memory
    at 1666? Well I am going to wiggle her around somemore tomrrow so I can run my Prime95 and
    PC/3D MarkVantage so I can see what I am pushing as far as benchs go!
  5. Well to play it safe, I kept all voltages on auto with in bios!

    But I hit my GOAL!!!
    I am ruuing 205x19.5=4005.95Mhz @1.49volt

    I used the voltage controller in EasyTuner6! Then I am upping my memory and GPU clock settings

    GPU=Core Clocked=960!

    Memory Frequency=1640 @7-8-7-24-2 Clocked=1350 (Failed trying to do 1445 which is

    GPU=42 with fan at 60% and 43 at 50%

    So I know how and what she can do and at what temps.
    Do you think with this info above should I let her run 3DMarkVantage and then Prime95???
    I can only adjust the fan in the GPU, and only 4 fans are hooked to the mobo for adjustment, and
    3 are hooked to psu.

    Anyways, I have had her just chilling and running websites and what not and haven't had one hiccup,
    when people say my rig is "stable", that means she is past boot and is chilling just fine or
    she is stable when she runs prime95 or HTTC without crashing?
  6. Once you reach boot, doesn't mean it's stable. CPU-Z validation isn't a good way to validate stability either. Since it has validated my 4.0ghz 955 even though it wasn't stable. Run prime95 AT LEAST 1hr, or 30 minutes. Sometimes to assure stability I'd say run 6hrs, since I've actually been able to run 4.0ghz on prime95 for 1hr then it crashed after that. So if you not in a rush the best way to tell is running it for least 3 hrs.
  7. Well if I want to join a forum team and have them post my score, then I have to use prime95 or OCCT.

    I am running OCCT v3 right now. I have it set for 40minutes before I go to bed.
    I plan on doing a 6 run tomorrow with prime95.

    So I clocked it down to 3.7 for this test run. I have nothing OCed besides the CPU at 18.5x200 and my voltage @1.392. I only have my memory at its advertised timings at 1600 7-8-7-24-2.

    So right now I have OCCT running cpu/memory or what they call Large Data Sheet and Priority Normal for accuracy on the test. She has ran for about 10 minutes and she is hitting 51 degrees.
    Since it started it has been using 100% of CPU Usage, so far she seems to be running just fine!

    I hope to spend 100$ on adding fans and a fan controller here soon.
    I have the CM692 Advanced case. So stock 120 front and back, then 140 up top and stock 120 hyper 212+ fan.
    Then I added 1 72mmish to bracket, 80mm to HD cage, 80mm to side panel, and another zipped tied in the HD cage! The 2x80mm are New and brand name, the others were taken from my old old HP computer, its the heatsink fan and the exhaust

    My plan is to buy 2x120mm super nice and put them on my hyper 212+, take the 212+ fan put it on the side panel. Then get 80x15mm fans to fit behind the mobo and in the gpu bracket.

    By the way the GPU bracket that came with my case, actually helps very very well, it was sloped 2%, then I had the bracket hold it up and it supports all the weight plus has extra wind power!!
  8. To be clear you have a black edition CPU, is that correct? There is no need to increase the CPU voltage for a 3.7GHZ oc. I highly caution you against all these voltage increases. During a benchmark run to oc and in trying to reach your highest oc you probably will need to increase some of the voltages. Please do educate yourself on the electrical perimeters for the CPU and motherboard. Determine what the correct stock voltage should be and set it there and leave it there and only raise them by small increments as needed to achieve a stable oc. Good luck with a high oc, just err to the side of caution.
  9. Well, last night I ran OCCT and it ran my cpu 100% for 40 minutes and it was 3.7 with 1.325 voltage.

    Anyways, I have a list of peoples clocks and voltages from the official amd 9x5 club, I am wanting to post
    my Prime95 score so I can get on list!

    Get this, so I had the idea of taking my back exhaust 120mm, and putting it on my hyper 212+ for
    a push/pull config. I figured my system temp was already low so hell I did it.

    Get this CPU Last night=37-39 stock CPU NOW=29-33
    System Last Night=33-34 System NOW=29-31
    GPU Last night=40-42 GPU NOW=39-40!

    All that just by changing one fan around!!! I have mixed around my fans testing and now i have found the perfect setup for what I have.

    I am going to prime95 once i have my clocks all right. I am going to find a daily clocks for everyday, then find a nice "super" clock when I want to show off!

    But I will consider your voltage warning. The only voltages I have messed with is the Vcore, In bios I keep everything on auto, for optimized. Then in EasyTuner I pushed the voltaged to accomindate my 4.0 clcoks, because everytime I changed the 200 to 201 it would crash.
    So in et6 I first put the voltage to 1.4 then pushed my it 205x18.5.
    So I will make sure to be safe with my volts!
  10. topper743 said:
    To be clear you have a black edition CPU, is that correct? There is no need to increase the CPU voltage for a 3.7GHZ oc. I highly caution you against all these voltage increases. During a benchmark run to oc and in trying to reach your highest oc you probably will need to increase some of the voltages. Please do educate yourself on the electrical perimeters for the CPU and motherboard. Determine what the correct stock voltage should be and set it there and leave it there and only raise them by small increments as needed to achieve a stable oc. Good luck with a high oc, just err to the side of caution.

    What does a Black Edition CPU have to do with voltage? It only means that you don't have to raise the FSB to overclock, it doesn't mean you don't have to raise the voltage!

    As for your voltages, I wouldn't push too much more than 1.45v on the core. For the other components, though, I would manually set them in your BIOS. Keeping them at auto, the motherboard may begin to raise them as you overclock.
  11. I have had nothing but problems raising my FSB, and I think its for many reasons.
    With my multiplier I have not had one problem, it makes it very easy to OC with out having any crashs.

    I am not going to touch the FSB because my chip is not having it, my multiplier is good enough for me, I am not trying to break any records I just wanted an increased system!
  12. Well last night I ran OCCT on large data set for 40 minutes no problem.
    I just tried running 3.9 and it wasn't having it.

    So now I am going to attempt 3.8, and I am going to put my voltages to a accurate 1.425, which is why I think I keep getting crashes.
    I know it has nothing to do with my temps because she was solid 45 degrees about 25 minutes in when she crashed at 3.9. So stabiltiy has to be in the core voltage.
    I am going to attempt another run right now, then if she is good for an hour, I will run prime95!
  13. Well she did it just fine with OCCT!
    I ran her for just over an hour, and my cpu averaged 52degreess, with a top of 54!!

    The clock was 3825.9, 201.4x19 HT link and NB=2000, stock gpu, memory and everything else.
    I did however put my voltage at 1.424 and it ran just fine!!

    So I usualy have my GPU at 960mhz and my Memory at 1300mhz, it does increase my temps, but I didn't set them to this before the test because I wasn't sure of the stability, but ATI Overdrive tests them first so
    I think I am just fine!!

    CPU=201x19=3825.9 @vol=1.424 Temps=37 or lower and 100% use=52
    Memory=1600 7-8-7-24-2t Freq=1300 Temps=35(system temp)
    GPU=960 Freq. and 60% fan= 41-42 degrees!

    So this is going to be running my computer at everyday while I am using it. I might make a less OCed like
    the GPU and Memory when I am just browsing. But 3.8 is going to be my norm!

    I am going to research my 4.0 before I attempt her again, I can reach it, but I know it aint stable!
  14. Actually I woulld download either Furmark or Kombuster (with MSI Afterburner) to test for stability. ATI Overdrive for OC and stability is never good. Get MSI Afterburner to OC your GPU and Kombuster to test stability.
  15. Although I don't know what GPU you have (you haven't mentioned it), I'm assuming you have an AMD card, as you also haven't mentioned shader clocks.

    Since you have an AMD card, you will not be able to load your GPU with Furmark or MSI Kombuster (which is a modified Furmark). The AMD drivers detect when that program load, and does not allow the GPU to run at 100%, unless this has changed in the past couple of months without me knowing.

    I would load up a game and start playing to test for stability. If testing your core clocks, load a game at highest settings with no AA, and if testing memory clocks, crank up AA.
  16. Since when do you HAVE to load your gpu with MSI Kombuster? What does that mean?
  17. aznshinobi said:
    Since when do you HAVE to load your gpu with MSI Kombuster? What does that mean?

    I don't exactly understand your question.

    You said, in your previous post,
    aznshinobi said:
    Actually I woulld download either Furmark or Kombuster (with MSI Afterburner) to test for stability. ATI Overdrive for OC and stability is never good. Get MSI Afterburner to OC your GPU and Kombuster to test stability.

    I'm saying that AMD cards, that I'm aware of, can't be loaded 100% by Furmark, or Kombuster (the numbers I was getting were around 60-65% load). Therefore, I recommended to the OP to just run a game at highest settings to do a stability test while overclocking.

    Also, OP, 3DMark Vantage would be another way of testing for stability.
  18. I ran 3dmark and it was lower than I thought, but in it and in OCCT you are right it said something about not having CUDA!

    But I tried doing 3.9 again today but I got error in core 3, so I am happy with my 3.8 clock.
    Cause if at 3.8 my cpu can run for an hour at 100% power and only hit 52 degrees I am happy! I did however turn my HT Link and NB to 2200 today.

    To be honest I have never tried ocing my gpu and what not. In Overdrive I have found a place to adjust the AA and so forth. But I have never had a card worth OCing. That and RAID is what I am going to learn how to do! I just need a second WD drive from what I have read so far.

    I put together this RIG 9/4/10:
    965 C3
    Gigabyte R5770SO "Super Overclock"
    HX 650
    Gskill Blue Ripjaws 1600 7-8-7-24-2
    Hyper 212+ with push pull config facing up and down
    WD 1tb 6gb/s
    CM 690 2 advanced case
    Asus dvd burner
    win 7 home 64 oem
    Acer H233H
  19. Your GPU is already overclocked, so I wouldn't worry about pushing it too much farther.

    Just be careful with RAID. If one of the hard drives fails, you lose ALL of the data on the drives, so I would get a third hard drive to use as a backup. Actually, what I would do is get two smaller drives (like maybe 320's or so) and use them in RAID, and use your 1TB you have now as a backup, and to store any music/videos/pictures, stuff that doesn't need the speed increase from RAID.

    Another option is to get an SSD and use it as your OS/games drive, and use the big one as backup.
  20. Oh Jedi, I thought you meant something else... No Kombuster and Furmark do work with 5000 series cards... Where did you hear that bit of info? My 5850 puts 100% load perfectly fine with Kombuster or Furmark.... Sooo... There's no problem with them at testing stability. RAID is usually a good thing as for saving money. If you were going to RAID 0 though with 2 HDDs like jedi said, there is more room for failure. If you corrupt or mess one HDD up, the other goes with it, so the room for failure is double a single HDD's chance of failing.

    As for RAID 0 it is a good option, however I'd recommend using different HDDs for your RAID 0 and keeping that WD 1tb as your backup. I'd actually recommend getting two Samsung 500gb F3 drives in RAID 0, the speed is fantastic and synthetic benchmark-wise it can equal up to the speeds of SSDs. For less too! Two 500gb F3s is 55$ I think and total that'd only equal 110, while a decent SSD is at least 120$ but WAY less space. So yeah.
  21. Well my computer says that in raid 0 i will get 3x faster speeds.
    Right now my HD is the slowest thing I have only getting a 5.9 on the
    windows score while everything else is 7.5+.
    But I have two HD's right now one is 80gb and one is 200gb, the only thing
    is that there both IDE and not sata, and the 3x faster thing says "sata controller", so I don't think IDE will work!

    I have been compiling a list of future upgrades, and I had an SSD on it, one of those Crucial sata 3 drives. So I also want a second 5770 and a second H233H monitor.
    But Hard Drive seems to be my most lacking area so I would like to enhance it first.

    Anyways I don't really notice that is slow right now, but I bet if I had either SSD or Raid 0 setup I would!
    I forgot I also have 500gb WD external drive also, but I dont really use it for anything but backups for my HD, thumbdrives, and back up my programs like CS4.
  22. @ aznshinobi: Every time I went to test my 5870 with Furmark or anything like that, it would only run at 60% load, so I looked it all up, and that's where I got my reasoning from, but I guess it's been fixed by now!

    @ Salt-City_Slasher: You will not get 3x faster anything by adding another hard drive for RAID 0. Even SATA III does not offer any performance boost except for maybe two SSDs (mainly the C300).

    AT MOST you will see a 90% increase in throughput, as RAID levels add some overhead. However, the area where traditional HDDs are lacking is in small reads and writes, only managing around .5MB/s at most. Unfortunately, most files in Windows are 4KB or less, so adding an SSD will provide a much higher boost in speed than two HDDs in RAID 0 would.

    I've run several RAID setups across several controllers, and in all of them, I noticed no tangible difference in startup times, opening folders, searching for files, etc.

    Upon installing a single SSD, that all changed. Startup times are less than 10 seconds, file searches happen instantly, there is no lag when moving between folders, etc.

    Even if you get a good pair of drives that can read at 100MB/s each consistently (bear with me, guys), assuming 100% efficiency in RAID 0, you will still be reading at lower speeds than most SSDs, which can read at up to 260MB/s on SATA II controllers. Not to mention that ANY small file reads will happen HUNDREDS of times faster on an SSD.
  23. that's correct, I don't know where you got the info of 3 times faster, because at most RAID 0 doubles, but triples is a bit much. I actually agree, investing in an SSD now is a good HDD boost, plus... W7 Index Score really doesn't matter... However an SSD would boost your startups for programs wayyy faster. I'd reccomend any Sand Force controllers for the SSD. Like the G.Skill Pheonix or the Mushkin Enhanced Callisto and finally the OCZ Vertex 2. I personally looked at some reviews though and I'm liking the Mushkin Callisto 60gb SSD, but that's just me.
  24. I just played my free game Tango Down:Blacklight and she was kinda
    choppy at first but I think it was internet connection.
    But I am going to go and reclock things and play the game.

    Is there a program you can get where you can tell it to monitor what your doing for a certain amount of time, so I can play the game and see what levels and temps she hit after I am done??

    I can watch temps and stuff on my second screen but I would like to get a report of some kind.
  25. Well I just set the setting to quality over performance, then in in
    overdrive I want to crank the frequncy to 900 to 960 like I have done before, so I set it to that, and have overdrive test it for me.
    It started up just fine went to the testing screen, then when it came back
    everything disappeared!!! I tried clicking and everything and it was frozen.

    So I did a warm boot and now my screen won't go past the main screen where it says push delete for bios end for q-flash and tab for post screen!!

    I have tried everything but I can't get her past this screen??
    What should I do? Everything seems to be running just fine, I tried pushing
    clr cmos but that didn't work. I turned the battery completely off and that didn't work!

    So any suggestions, cause I am pissed, and hope something terrible hasn't happend?
  26. On that first boot up screen I tried pushing all of the different buttons but nothing seems to work!
  27. What speed was the fan? Meaning the % fan speed when you were cranking up voltage. Did you up the voltage as well when you OC'd to 960 core clock?
  28. I got her backup now.
    But yesterday after I tested 3.8 @1.392 for 1 hour on large files in OCCT,
    I used Overdrive to push the gpu to 960 and the memory would only crash if I went over 1350, so today I put them up to 960 and 1300 and clicked test
    and usually after its done it will either say pass or fail.
    This time it crashed hardcore!

    Anyways the way I got her to work was I read a thing about unplugging your harddrive because of data, so I unplugged the 2xIDE HDs and tried rebooting
    and guess what clr mos worked?!?
    So after I got her up i let her settle, and I turned off and plugged my IDE devices and turned her back on, guess what she did the same shiz?!?

    It might of just been coincidence that it crashed at the same time??
    I just know the one drive is 5 years old next week, and the other is 8-11 years
    I am 100% what was the case, I just know when I tried replugging them, they didnt work.
  29. My temps are all super low, I have my gpu at a solid 20 degrees at 50% gpu fan.
    the cpu and system are both 34! So I am not sure what happened. But I am going to just use easy tuner6, unless you guys know of something better I can use that is more realiable???
  30. You know overdrive might be the prob, actually before and now after, the fan gauge always goes to 0 or 35 even after I set her.
    Just now I set her to 65% cause I put the gpu at 920m i look over and the fan was at 35 after I just set her. This use to happen and it might be why it crashed!
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