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Hi, i'm trying to look for a motherboard that supports wireless LAN for X58. Does anyone have an idea which boards have these features?
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  1. I don't think x58 boards have that option at the moment...

    The only boards that come with built in wireless are some LGA 755's and some AM2+ boards...
  2. Could I insert a wireless card + go crossfire in a X58 motherboard?
  3. Dunno about with X58s.

    With a couple of the 790FX boards, they have 4 PCIe slots, and u could go 2x2GPU Cards and still fit in a PCI or PCIe wireless card.

    Plus, there's always a USB-based wireless card.

    Good luck :)
  4. If there is an empty PCI slot after the last pci-e slot then yes, if not then no.....

    The issue here is that if you go sli or x-fire you canot use the PCI slots that are in between the cards....
  5. Alright. Thanks :)
  6. My pleasure...... Make sure to take pics of your new board and post them here!!!
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