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I am having issues with our business network (we are not connected to the internet). We use a desktop (xp pro) that acts like a server with 14 computers sharing the database on the server thru a 20 port, 10/100 ethernet switch. We are having hang ups while scanning items into our database and Dell suggested we get a second ethernet port so we could have 2 connections into our 20 port ethernet switch.

Will this help any traffic hang ups to the server? Is it hard to set up...or is it just plug in and go?

Thanks for any help you could offer....

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  1. You should install the second NIC and team it with the first one. I presume Dell suggested a specific NIC. Will it resolve your performance issues? Maybe, but you didn't provide enough info about the issue. Is the bottleneck the LAN, the CPU or the hard disk(s)? How do you scan items in the database?
  2. Thanks for the response...."Is the bottleneck the LAN, the CPU or the hard disks"?
    Well... the programmer says it is probably the network....but a friend of mine who does networking says it is probably the program :)

    The desktop we are using as a server is a Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40ghz with 3 GB of RAM, The hard drive is a Hitachi DeskStar P7K500 HDP725050GLA360 Hard Drive (500GB - 7200rpm - Serial ATA/300 - Serial ATA) and all of our computers just have a 10/100 cards with a 24 port 10/100 switch. We are wanting a new server (and use the above one as a backup) and our Dell rep suggested the second NIC card. I have read on one forum though that the second NIC doesn't help...I don't know enough about networking to know if a fastest processor, faster hard drive or gig switch with gig cards are the best answer.

    We scan in a barcode just like a grocery store in a retail environment with the same traffic volume as a grocery store at Christmas. 14 registers scanning one item right after another.

    Thanks for any insight you could offer.....
  3. 14 registers scanning one item right after another shouldn't cause that much traffic. Can you run Task manager for several minutes while they are scanning and post the info for the Performance and the Networking tabs? You definitely don't have a CPU bottleneck, but Task Manager should help in identifying where the issue is. If this is a real business, why don't they use a real server OS?

    You didn't really answer the question about scanning. Where is the info stored? In a database or in flat files?
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